Disney Moms Panel – Part One

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Oh how I want to be a Disney Mom.

I don’t just mean a mom who enjoys Disney, or even a mom who takes her kids to Disney (although both of those are realities in my life). No, I mean a certified WDW Mom’s Panel mom!

Every year since 2008, Disney has hosted a search for people who would comprise their Panel of go-to folks for those who are planning trips to any of the Disney Parks and who need information of any kind. Over the past 5 years, the search has evolved to include both women AND men (Disney dads) as well as to have those folks specialize in Disneyland queries, Spanish-speaking panelists, and those who’s specialty includes events such as runDisney. They have been and currently are helping to answer questions from people around the world about everything from accommodations to meal plans to navigating the Parks.

My journey with this search began in its inaugural year in 2008, and I have applied every year since then, including this year. The application is always online usually around the first part of September, and the whole process consists of several “rounds”. Of course, the first round is the initial application, which includes questions about what area you would like to share expertise in (WDW, Disneyland, runDisney) as well as general knowledge questions that one should be able to answer (or find the answer to) about Disney. The most important part, in my opinion, is the 100 word or less paragraph that you are asked to write about yourself and your Disney trip planning experience for you and for others. This is where you can really express your personality and your affinity for Disney while answering the question. I always find it best to stick to answering the question and infuse it with a taste of you!

The initial application period is about 5 days or 14,000 applicants, whichever comes first. Once that closes, then the waiting begins. It is the end of September as I write this, and those of us who have applied are thinking that the Round 2 selection should be announced in early October, so, until then, we hope for the best 🙂

I have not yet made it to round 2 in any year that I’ve applied, but I am hoping for something different this time around. I really enjoy planning our trips to Disney World with my family, as well as being the resident go-to gal for all my friends for their trips.  I am always a bit giddy to apply, and my excitement builds during the waiting time!

So…..I have entitled this post “Part One” with the hopes that there will be more exciting parts of this journey to come. Best wishes to anyone of you who have applied as well, and ….stay tuned for more!


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