Disney in Your Living Room: Pt. 2

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I have really learned to love having Netflix on our Wii at home.  The possibilities are endless and while we have found some utterly ridiculous television shows and movies to watch, I was thrilled to find a little Walt Disney World to watch!

“Disney Parks: Ultimate Walt Disney World” focuses on all of the thrills that Disney has to offer.   While there are still skeptics that don’t believe that Disney has any right to bill their rides as thrill rides, a true Disney fan would beg to differ.  The special, while not as long as I would have liked, runs for a little less than an hour and focuses on ten to twelve of Disney’s most exciting rides.

When I went on to Netflix and read the reviews, I had to laugh because there was a review where someone called Mission Space the ‘least imaginative ride in Epcot’?  Really?  The Mexican boat ride that resembles It’s a Small World didn’t hold that title?  Give me a break!

This special focuses on the thrill rides and one of the main people that they interview throughout the entire 51 minutes says that a thrill ride is defined as “Something that stimulates your senses” and each of these rides certainly does that in their own way.  I wish I had seen this special back in 2002 because that was the year that my sister pretty much treated me to our trip together.  There were just three stipulations:  1.) I had to go on all of the thrill rides (I was a certified chicken at that time), 2.) I had to sign a contract stating that I would go on all of the thrill rides without whining and crying and 3.) I had to tell her she was pretty three times a day.  Ah, sisterly love.

Had I had some of this information (although some of these rides weren’t even there yet!) I might have saved myself some over-anxiousness and stressing out!  Each ride that they cover is given it’s own special title in how they see it on a grand scale of thrills.

Mission Space in Epcot was given the title of “Best of the Best” in every “thrill” way.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest was awarded the “Best Thrill in Reverse” and that is so true!!  If you have not ridden that one yet, let me tell you, I don’t mind the reverse actions as much as I do that incline at the beginning!

Toy Story Mania was listed as “Ultimate Family Thrill” for its multi-sensory action over in Hollywood Studios.  Back over at Epcot, Test Track is the “Fastest Thrill” thanks to its 65 mph race around the outside of the building.  We always throw our hands in the air during that part!  The timeless Space Mountain over in Magic Kingdom was appropriately awarded the “Best Classic Thrill Ride” and really, when you think about it, it’s probably the slowest moving of the coasters and yet we all scream on it.  Classic!

Hopping back over to Hollywood Studios has Rock N Roller Coaster given the “Best Adrenaline Rush” title.  No need to say any more; if you’ve ridden it, you know it’s true.  Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom was said to be the “Best Thrill in the Dark”.  I know I hid my eyes about 30 seconds in to that ride the first time we rode it.  And I was 30 years old!

Three wet rides followed each other with  Splash Mountain as “The Most Thrilling Finish” and then took a surprising turn to choose Summit Plummet over at Blizzard Beach as the “Coolest Thrill” before finishing out with Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom claiming “The Wettest Thrill”.

Finishing out the list is Tower of Terror with the “Best Scream Your Head Off Thrill” and really, isn’t that ultimately what we’re all looking for in a thrill ride?

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