Disney Hallmark Christmas Ornaments for 2020

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Disney Hallmark

To share a dramatic understatement, I enjoy Christmas ornaments. Whether it is routinely checking out the Disney Store website for new additions or never missing a visit to one of the year round Christmas stores in Disney Springs, the Magic Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios, ornaments are a way to show our affinity for Disney, and also make a great keepsake that will continually remind you and your family of great trips in the past.

Hallmark Ornaments


For me, another great and exciting source for Disney ornaments is Hallmark, and every July they officially release that year’s set. This year is no exception, and since we are now closer to next Christmas than we are from last Christmas, it seemed like a great time to preview the Disney (and Disney adjacent) ornaments available from Hallmark this year.

Hallmark Ornaments

As Walt himself, it all began with a Mouse, so what better place to start – this year there are several Mickey Mouse and friends ornaments worth checking out.

First is this super cute set of Mickey and Minnie on ice skates.

Mickey and Minnie Skating Ornaments

There aren’t always Chip and Dale ornaments, but when they come out they are usually fun, and this year definitely checks that box.

Chip and Dale Disney Hallmark Ornament

There are several others, including a classic Mickey (as part of a series celebrating the early shorts), and a solo Minnie ornament, among others.

Disney Hallmark Ornaments


This year might be the most robust collection of Princesses in the Disney Hallmark Christmas ornaments that I can remember. That includes a Precious Moments style Moana, and features for Pocahontas, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Rapunzel and two different Cinderellas.

Disney Hallmark Princesses

Disney Hallmark Princesses

Disney Hallmark Princesses

Disney Hallmark Princesses


Out of the rest of the Disney and Pixar family, the first ones I want to draw attention to are from Pooh and friends, and specifically Eeyore, a favorite in my household.

Disney Hallmark Eeyore and Tigger


Many other favorites have representation too, including Toy Story, Frozen, the Aristocats, 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, and more!

Disney Hallmark Frozen

Disney Hallmark Wall E

Pixar Ornaments

Disney Hallmark Animals

Disney Hallmark Muppet Show


And yes, that is a Muppet Show ornament as well.

This year of Disney Hallmark ornaments also seemed to have a special emphasis on Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas


And lastly, even though they aren’t Disney, many theme park fans will also be excited to see the Harry Potter collection.

Harry Potter Ornaments


As they have been doing the past few years, some of the Disney Hallmark ornaments won’t be released until October or later, so keep your eye out for even more.

I hope one or more of these speaks to you, gives you a smile, or gets you excited for that next trip or that next holiday season. We’ll be looking for you to share your best ornaments with us on Facebook.

Which ornament is your favorite for this year? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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