Disney Dining for the Picky Eater

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I am a fan of the Disney Dining Plan but for a rather odd reason. It gives my husband the opportunity to eat at restaurants he will love that we would never go to. Why? Because I am a picky eater and I would never pay high prices to go somewhere I won’t eat. So what’s different on the Plan?

1) The Disney experience draws me in.

I have found that to some degree I can eat around my pickiness if I want to go to a certain Disney establishment badly enough. Case in point: I was so curious about LeCellier that I pushed passed my menu reservations and actually found it to be my favorite place to eat in the World. It also taught me that there is nothing rude about ordering things plain(our waitress actually encouraged it).

2) I’m getting a discount.

Through the Dining Plan I’ve been able to get a discount on some decent meals. I’m a sucker for a good discount.

3) The money’s already spent on the plan. It would be a waste not to go.

We found Boma for breakfast this way, and what a find! It will be a part of all upcoming trips. When we couldn’t squeeze in our dinners we added breakfasts. They were easier for me as a picky eater anyway!

4) My husband is a happy man.

For 8-10 days a year my husband gets to eat the kinds of foods he’d eat every day if he weren’t married to the pickiest eater on the planet. He gets variety that he rarely gets at home.

5) If I wasn’t on the plan I’d be eating burgers at the parks every day.

I am uber-picky and my quick serve choices are limited. A girl can only eat so many burgers.

The Plan has changed me for the better. I actually tried some new foods this summer(!) and I think next year we’ll do the Deluxe Dining Plan so we can enjoy even more of the dining experiences the World has to offer.

By Kristin K.

Sharing is caring!

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