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By Jane Jones

Since last year, The Chapeau’s “Build Your Own Ears Hat” boutique in the Magic Kingdom has offered creative shoppers the ability to create customized ear hats. Now, with the opening of the “Create Your Own Ear Hat” shop at Downtown Disney, you can make a unique hat without purchasing park tickets. Jane Jones recently did just that.


Have you heard the news? Now you can design you very own personalized ears (mouse ears, that is) at the “Create Your Own Ear Hat” shop! This new store, located between Design-A-Tee and The Art of Disney, is a Mouseketeer’s dream. The shop is one that could be easily missed — I know I almost did. I stumbled upon it when I was waiting in Design-A-Tee. Once, my family discovered the shop, we were so excited! Imagine — making the ears of our Disney dreams.


Now, in 4 easy steps, you can put together the mouse ears you’ve always wanted…the ones that are as unique as you are! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select Your Hat Base. This is the part that sits on your head. What color do you want? Blue? Pink? Gold? Solid colored or printed, quilted or with fur? There are shelves and shelves to choose from. Base cost is $4.95 – $5.95.


Step 2: Select Your Ears. This part is my favorite! Again, the choices are amazing…with glitter or without? Polka dotted or embossed? Traditional solid or with Mickey’s face? Pick your ears and snap them on. And yes, you can have two different ears if you want! Ear cost is $2.50 – $3.50 each.


Step 3: Select Your Patches. Traditionally, Mickey ears have a red circle with Mickey’s face in the middle that is placed on the front middle of the base. Now you can put what you want where you want…and as many as you want! There is a table with bins that hold a variety of patches that you simply stick onto the base, but having them sewn on is recommended. Style choices range from traditional to thematic, jewels to extra bling. Patch cost is $2.95 each.

Step 4: Embroider Your Ears. Once you’ve built your dream ears, take them to the Cast Member and have them embroidered! They can also have those special patches sewn on as well. No longer are ears embroidered with the hand guide. “Create Your Own Ear Hat” has a new Brother embroidery machine. Embroidery cost is $3.00.


Total cost? About $14.00 — the same you’d pay for traditional preset ear hat styles.


Creating your own special ear hat is as simple as that and takes just minutes. The most difficult part will be making the selections! But for you traditionalists out there, do not fret! You can still buy traditional black mouse ears as well as those other themed favorites such as Minnie, pirates and princesses, 1st ears, and wedding themes.

Stop by and check it out. Just like getting themed T-shirts, this is a great way to bring your group together or the perfect way to show your individuality!


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