Cigna Promotes Health During Race in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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The Mouse for Less was invited to a recent Blogger & Media Event during Walt Disney’s World’s Marathon Weekend, sponsored by Cigna Health.  The event took place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and both Jocelyn and Rikki were able to attend. Here are there thoughts on the event.

We’ve said it before, Cigna is a company that is all about keeping people well, fit, and healthy.  But they don’t stop there, they want your healthy lifestyle to fit seamlessly into your life which means making it so fun, you forget you’re learning ways to become healthier so it’s not a task, but part of your life.

On this occasion, about 40 of us were divided into 5 teams  – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Pluto – to complete Cigna’s Great Race!  The race sent us all over the park figuring out clues, solving puzzles, completing challenges, and ultimately, working out!  The tasks fell into the categories – Routes, Road Blocks, Intersections, Detours, and Fast Forward!  Once we were in our groups, we were assigned a member from the Cigna Team to keep us honest and take pictures or videos on the specifically designated device.  We were each given a specific color bandana to designate our team.  Last, we were given the clue book, $10 (in case we need to purchase an item), and a bag filled with many plastic cups.

An Intersection was a challenge where two teams had to work together to complete it.  The catch was that you could not use the same team for more than one intersection, nor do the same Intersection twice.  This was Rikki’s favorite part. At one of Team Mickey Mouse’s intersections, they played Red Rover!

Cigna Red Rover

Routes were clues where there had to be a picture taken (the whole group had to be present so no splitting up to divide & conquer) or an item had to be obtained, as well as the Route # clearly marked.  For example: “Find the word that pairs with those below.  Then find one to be in your picture show.  By the way – you should cut back on this you know.”  The words were: Peter, cellar, water, tine, and water.  What’s the answer?  Salt!  So we had to take a team picture with some salt!  

Team Donald Route #7

Team Mickey Mouse

A Road Block is a task that only one team member could complete.  One of the Road Blocks was to place a cracker (think small rice cake) on your forehead, and get it in your mouth using only your facial muscles.  Jocelyn was brave enough to give this one a try and guess what?  She was successful!  The Fast Forward task challenged us to take pictures with three different characters doing three different exercise moves.  We were running out of time and grabbed some Green Army men to quickly do some squats and high knees
with us!  

Green Army Men Squats

Team Donald Green Army Men

Another Route task was to unscramble some words that were in different languages but all meant the same thing and to take a picture with that item.  Let’s see how well you do here: AKUBRA, BUDENOVKA, VUELTIAO, CAPUCHON, and TAQIYA.  All of these words mean…. drumroll please…. hat!  What does a hat have to do with your health, after all this game is to promote health!  The hat isn’t the point, the work our brain did on this one is!  Cigna is great at reminding us that we need to exercise not only our bodies, but our minds as well! 

Routes 1, 2, 3

After a very hectic hour and a half, we had to get back to our meeting spot. If we were late, points would be deducted from our score.  We got to spend some time socializing with each other while scores were tallied and awards were given.

Team Mickey Route #6

Team Donald Route #8

Of course, the fun didn’t stop there.  Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck took a break from their ballgame to visit and say hello which was so much fun!

Donald selfie

Mickey selfie

Here is our experience of the fun during the Cigna Blogger Event.

Check out the video Cigna put together! #CignaRunTogether 

Honestly, at this Cigna Blogger Meet Up event, we both thought that Cigna scored again!  They kept us so busy having fun, you almost have to take a minute to reflect on how much we learned in the process, because it was so effortless and fun.  Oh and we were able to get in some exercise along the way too! We used our minds and bodies to mentally and physically complete challenges. We also learned lots of good information about our diet and lifestyles and most importantly, ways to stay healthy! 

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