Celebr’eight’ion Poem Contest Results

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A big “thank you” to everyone who entered the poem contest. There were many great poems and it was VERY hard to select the winners. If you discover you are a winner in this contest, please send your snail mail address to our List Mom Binnie at so she can get your prize out to you. Thank you all for helping us celebrate our upcoming 8th birthday!

The first prize winner was Laura in Miami, who will receive a $25 Gift Card from The Magic for Less Travel. Second place went to Kelly Smithnosky and third place went to Shannon Koch, who will each receive a of the Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World donated by Cara Goldsbury. We also have; Heather Leopard, Debbie Roach, Michelle in MA, Annette Konicek as honorable mentions for their wonderful poems and will each receive a neck wallet and bottle caddie from The Magic For Less Travel.

Here are the prize winning poems

First place – Laura in Miami
Disney and saving money are two things I like to do,
So finding TMFL was a dream come true.
I started as a lurker and read every post,
Tips and ideas this list has the most!
Soon out of “lurkdom” I came, I posted,
I even went to some meets that were hosted.
Made some new friends and saved a ton to boot,
Now what to do with all my saved loot?
I read on the list about a magical place,
Where “wish” kids could go and have their own space.
They come with their families for the trip of their life,
And forget about all their sickness and strife,
I came at first to learn more about Disney,
What a bonus to find GKTW–a great charity!
So here’s to the Mouse for Less list on Birthday #8,
Hope you’re around a lot longer– you truly are GREAT!

Second Place – Kelly Smithnosky
The Mouse For Less, where do I start?
It’s a place that’s become so dear to my heart.
Touring and tickets, where do I begin?
There are plenty of members who jump right in
To give their advice and experience too
On how to save money and the many things to do
Their kindness & generosity is second to none
Only MFL members understand a Disney addict’s planning is never done.

Third Place – Shannon Koch
Mouse for Less, look how you’ve grown
Through hints and help, the Disney way you have shown
We laugh, we learn, we tease, we share
We give to each other to show we care
Thru our message boards we offer hope
To the newbies and lurkers, we help to cope
Eight years have just gone by so fast
With friendships and bonds we have built to last.

Honorable Mention goes to the following:

Heather Leopard
If you need help with planning a trip, there is only one place to look
Don’t call a friend or open a book
Just go to the net and type The Mouseforless
Discounts, Pixie Dust, Secret Pals, and More
There are 11,000 members from all around the world
They share their magical moments and help you create yours
So look no further as this membership definitely has its privileges
This is why I love The Mouse for Less

Debbie Roach
The Mouse For Less is really great!
I stayed at Fort Wilderness and got a great rate!
The tips and ideas you give bring us happiness and joy,
So we can have a great trip at the Mouse place we enjoy.
Disney brings out everyone’s inner child.
You make the hit to the wallet a little more mild.
The Mouse For Less gives you a little piece of Disney to make your heart soar,
I hope you continue for 100 years or more!

Michelle in MA
There once was a girl from Mass
Who knew enough to teach a Disney Class
Then she joined The Mouse For Less
And she learned more than you’d ever guess
She made lots of pals
With really nice guys and gals
The tips and teasing made her smile
I think she’ll stay for awhile!

Heather Leopard
Once upon a time in a land not so far from here.
There is a yahoo group that can help get you anywhere.
From California to Paris they have all of the answers.
Disney Experts they are.
So sit back and listen.
The advice, secrets, and photos they share will help you get the “The Magic” for less.
Why would anyone do this you might ask, because we are family of course.
And this is Why I love TheMouseForLess.

Annette Konicek
Why I Love the Mouse For Less
So many reasons, I must profess
The savings and coupons to be had,
And the friends you make aren’t half bad
They run so many contests too
It sure brings out the competitor in you
And then we must write of our Disney Trips
So everyone can use our hard-earned tips!

Michelle in MA
Once upon a dreary night, a light shown in the distance
It was TMFL, helping a weary traveler along the way
With pixie dust, to help them through tough times
And encouragement for every step of the way
With thousands of friends to share in the good news
And to offer tips to same money for our fun
Oh thank you, members one and all
You make our days even more Gr-eight!

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