Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon?

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Have you made the decision to add a water park to your Disney vacation but find yourself unable to choose between Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon?

Our family faced that exciting, yet difficult decision on our last Disney vacation.  After five trips in as many years, we decided to splurge on a water park for our sixth trip.  Because one of our sons was listed in a room with his grandparents, who have no interest in a day filled with wave pools and water slides, adding “Water Parks Fun and More” to our package was not an option.  Instead, we set aside one day on our agenda, and after carefully reviewing and analyzing both parks, eventually decided upon Blizzard Beach.

Admittedly, I have never been to Typhoon Lagoon and can only share what I learned through research, including discussions with friends and analyzing the water parks map.  I have personal experience with Blizzard Beach after our day there in 2008.

Both water parks have several similarities.  The usual amenities, such as towel and locker rentals, a first aid station, a gift shop, snack stands, and quick service restaurants, are included at both.  The two parks each contain a “lazy river” that encircles the property, a wave pool, a kiddy area, family rafts, and multiple water slides.  The price of admission, as well as park hours (10am-5pm) are the same, although at times during the year, mainly in the cooler months, only one may be open.

Differences exist as well, including each park’s unique theme.  Typhoon Lagoon claims to be a refreshing oasis formed after a terrible tropical storm.  A wrecked boat serves as its focal point.  Other nautical props indicate its tempestuous history.  Several unique features stand out about this park.  The “Surf Pool” makes six foot waves rather than merely bobbing waves. A water coaster called Crush ‘n’ Gusher is unlike any other water slide in Disney World.  Perhaps most distinct is Shark Reef, a saltwater pool where guests don a snorkel and face mask to swim with sharks!

A ski resort unlike any other, Blizzard Beach is the result of an unlikely Florida snowstorm.  A chair lift takes visitors to the highest water slide in the World (Disney World that is).  Summit Plummet, boasting a 120 foot fall, provides the identifying icon for this park.  Its neighbor, Slush Gusher, is a close second not only in height, but also in fright!  Both attractions only allow riders measuring 48 inches or taller.  Another highlight of Blizzard Beach, the Ski Patrol Training Camp designed specifically for the pre-teen crowd, includes a zip line, a walk across the pool on “icebergs”, and several small water slides.

Teamboat Springs, a family raft that holds five people, drew our family to Blizzard Beach.  Most of Disney World seems to be designed for families of four.  Typhoon Lagoon’s Gangplank Falls, which claims to be a family raft, seats only four guests.  As parents to three children, my husband and I were excited to find a water park attraction that we could all enjoy together at the same time.  It proved to be our favorite attraction!

Furthermore, Blizzard Beach with its intense water slides appealed more to our three thrill-seeking sons.  Friends who have visited Typhoon Lagoon claim its milder slopes make the park attractive to younger or more timid visitors.

Disney World gives guests seeking a water-filled adventure two wonderful options.  When faced with the decision of which to choose, our  family settled upon Blizzard Beach.  However, when we return later this year, Typhoon Lagoon is on our agenda.  We eagerly anticipate the joy and excitement we will undoubtedly also find at this water park!

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