Best Places to Sit on Disney Rides

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When choosing your seat on a Walt Disney World attraction, most people just follow where the cast members point them. However, you can request to be seated in a specific seat or row and the cast members will do their best to accommodate you. In general, guests tend to think that the front row will offer the best view, and therefore equate to the best experience. While this is true in most cases, as detailed below there are several attractions where the optimal seating locations vary.



If you have a fear of heights, try to get a place in the last row, which is the third row. This row will remain the closest to the ground once the ride is active. Keep in mind, the bottom two rows will have a slight visual impairment due to the other guest’s dangling feet. I recommend the first row for the unobstructed view and for the best fully immersive experience.

*Soarin is almost always jam packed, so requesting the first row may lead to a slightly longer wait time.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror


If you have been on Tower of Terror a few times already or are an adrenaline junkie, I suggest going straight to the front row of this fast dropping attraction. The front row offers an incredible view of Hollywood Studios when the doors open at the top, and once the cart drops it’s hard to remember that you’re even in an elevator. The front row is also the only way to guarantee that your screaming face will be visible in the ride photo.  If you are sitting in the second or third rows, the guests in the first row may be holding their arms up into the air, which will unfortunately block your face from the photo’s view. If the front is too much for your first try, start in the back and slowly make your way up to the daring first row.


Expedition Everest


On this attraction, people tend to request the front row, which may be due to the backwards surprise during the ride. The front row will be the fastest row when the ride goes backwards. The middle rows offer the best view of the famous Yeti. My favorite part of the attraction is the huge incline drop near the end of the ride, which is why I always choose the back. I’ve ridden several times in both the front and back of the train, and you definitely feel the last hill a lot more while sitting in the back.




Kilimanjaro Safaris


The best view of the animals will be on the end of the rows, which means entering the truck either first or last. Animals can be seen on both sides of the truck for the most part. However, the elephants, lions, and cheetahs do not have an open enclosure and can be viewed best from the left side of the truck, which means entering first. Every ride on the Kilimanjaro Safaris truly does offer a unique experience and I’ve never been disappointed with how many animals I’ve seen.



Splash Mountain


There’s no way to avoid getting a little wet while riding Splash Mountain, but if you wish to remain as dry as possible, your best bet is to sit in the last row. Alternatively, if the entire reason you are on this classic attraction is to beat the Florida heat and get as drenched as possible, the front row is the way to go.



Mickey’s Philharmagic & Muppet*Vision 3D


Both of these 3-D movie attractions have a waiting room area where guests congregate before they can enter the theater. It is tempting to rush straight to the doors and attempt to be one of the firsts in the theater. However, once inside the cast members will direct everyone to go straight across to the end of the aisle. Therefore, the first ones to enter the theater will be sitting in the far edges of the rows. After the doors open, hold back a little to let the theater fill slightly; that way when you enter you will be towards the middle of the aisles.

What do you think of our suggestions? Let us know your favorite spots to sit on Disney rides in the comments below!

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