Best Free Walt Disney World Keepsakes

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Whoever wrote the old song “The Best Things in Life are Free” clearly didn’t know about Walt Disney World. A Disney vacation can be expensive, and many families are looking for ways to keep to a budget. You might think that you have to spend a fortune to get some good souvenirs. The truth is, there are many inexpensive things you can buy, and even more shocking, there are actually some free takeaways you can pack in your luggage and bring back home as a memento of your trip! Here are some of my favorites:




Celebrating a birthday? An anniversary? A honeymoon? A great report card? There’s a celebration button for that! These free buttons can be personalized on the spot. We have a collection of every celebration button we’ve ever received at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and the Disney Cruise Line. It is so much fun to see those buttons and remember each trip!




Special thanks to fellow blogger Bob Porrell for this tip! This only loosely falls into the “free” category, since in order to get one of these beauties you have to get into Oga’s Cantina and also order a drink. But the intergalactically designed coasters are a very unique Disney souvenir! Impress all your Star Wars loving friends!


This experience turned out to be a huge hit with my then-8-year-old daughter. In Animal Kingdom, kids can pick up a free Wilderness Explorer brochure and earn “badges” (stickers) throughout the park! We spent an entire day at Animal Kingdom and she earned as many badges as she could and still didn’t have enough time to get them all. There is no fee to play this educational and fun activity. So when your children take their badges home with them, they just might remember fun facts about the animal world.


In Epcot’s World Showcase, children can receive free cards at each pavilion that explain the culture of that nation. Educational as well as fun, they contain activities that children can do based on the culture of each nation. Another fun souvenir that might spark a child’s interest in the world around them.

What are some of your favorite free activities/souvenirs at Walt Disney World? Tell us about them in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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