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By TheMouseForLess Listmembers

A is for…

Airfare. MFL members can quickly see the best fare prices for major US cities by visiting our Airfare page. There you will find a continuously updated scrolling list of them. Check our Airfare page before buying tickets to help you determine if you are getting a good rate. You can find our Airfare page at:

Answers. Find answers to all your Disney vacation planning questions from THIS GROUP!! It is AWESOME! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

B is for…

Breakfast. Pop Tarts and cereal bars don’t weigh much and are pretty easy to fit (out of the box) in the different pockets in suitcases. They’re something quick and easy to eat in the room in the morning or at the bus stop while waiting for the bus. We save a lot of money buy bringing Pop Tarts and cereal bars from home. (Submitted by Mary)

Breakfast. Try to get an ADR (Advance Dining Reservation) for breakfast in the Magic Kingdom before the park opens on a non-EMH (Extra Magic Hour) day. The PhotoPass photographers will be out at this time, so you can get a picture in front of the castle with virtually nobody else in it. (Submitted by Lindsey)

Be There! BE THERE when the park opens! This is probably the easiest but most missed tip…even when you have good intentions the time can just disappear and you don’t end up making it on time.

IF YOU WILL BE THERE when the park opens, you could possibly get all your “must see” things done within the first hour! Most of the time you can do them more than once or multiple times before the lines get long.

BE THERE to see the characters you want to see first (FAIRIES especially, and Ariel)
BE THERE to ride Toy Story unless you want to wait an hour!
BE THERE to ride Dumbo…no FASTPASS for this one!
BE THERE to ride Soarin’ AND get a FASTPASS for later!

All of these things can be done quickly and easily, but you have to BE THERE for the opening! NOT an hour later. (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

C is for…

Characters! Everyone loves meeting the characters, especially the kids! (Submitted by ddbuggins)

Character Greeting at Epcot for Visa holders. Don’t miss the character greeting for Disney Visa cardholders at Epcot. When we just went in February, we got to see Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy all together! It was GREAT! We weren’t rushed, got a huge group photo and got to pick one for a free print. The characters aren’t always the same, but it is definitely worth doing! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Camera. Use your digital camera or camera phone to take pictures of your tickets and PhotoPass cards so you have the ID numbers in the event you lose them. Also, take a picture of your children each morning before hitting the parks in their outfits for the day. It can be difficult to remember what they are wearing during stressful moments of separation. This gives you an extremely recent picture to show to Cast Members if your children are lost. (Submitted by Lindsey)

D is for…

Don’t stay all day! The days when we stay ALL day at the park (open to close) are just not nearly as good as the ones where we go “home” and rest. I know it is difficult thinking about all the things you might miss if you leave, but SO totally worth it when the kids are able to be awake and enjoy the fireworks and parades without being totally wiped out and exhausted! Even if they don’t nap, some time away is good for their brains! Take it! DON’T STAY ALL DAY! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Disney Dollarless. Hmmmm that sounds like a good idea for a website…(Submitted by Steve C.)

Downtime. Downtime is essential for just taking in the atmosphere at Disney, relaxing and refreshing, so you can have energy to go, go, go again when touring. (Submitted by Jenny)

Donald’s Tusker House Breakfast. The Tusker House Breakfast is a wonderful and delicious experience at one of the parks where you don’t have to worry about the time missed! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Dining. Dining in WDW is an attraction all on its own. Don’t forget to make those ADRs 90 days out. (Submitted by Lindsey)

Dining plan. Won’t travel again without it. I love the convenience. So nice when traveling with my boys we made ADRs for our favorite places and then had quick or counter service where we wanted to. The boys picked what they wanted and were thrilled. LOVE IT. (Submitted by catheme2003)

E is for…

Early. Get there early for rope drop, the time when you can get the most done with the least crowds. (Submitted by Karen in Ohio)

Ears ºOº which everyone should wear! (Submitted by Mike C.)

Estimate. Estimate your total cost and SAVE before you get there for EVERYTHING you can think of (parking, tips, souvenirs, candy, snacks, tolls, etc) so you don’t come back from your vacation worried about finances! Your estimation will often be higher than what you actually spend, so you may even come home with some cash for the “Disney Jar” when you get home! (Carrie in GA)

Extra Clothes. There are a lot of water areas for the kiddies to play in, so don’t forget to bring an extra set of clothes for when they get wet. (Submitted by Lindsey)

F is for…

Fort Wilderness. A camp site is the least expensive way to stay at Disney! Plus there are many wonderful things to do at Fort Wilderness like the campfire sing-a-long and the horseback riding. It is amazingly QUIET at night there also. I have stayed at other Disney hotels and NONE of them have ever been this quiet! And the boat to MK is VERY convenient! It is my favorite place to stay on property! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Fantasia Gardens. We had a blast playing mini-golf on our last trip. (Submitted by Becky in Illinois)

Forget about it! Forget about your worries! You’re at DISNEY WORLD! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Freeze. Freeze water bottles and place them in a small collapsible cooler so you will have cold water later in the day. (Submitted by Lindsey)

G is for…

Goofy’s Barnstormer. Goofy’s Barnstormer is a neat little roller coaster for kids and us BIG people. It is a must see for the little ones. (Submitted by Lisa A.)

Go Green! Please use all the wonderful resources provided by Disney for the sake of the environment…plastic bottle receptacles, bags in the rooms for newspapers, etc. Help lower the HUGE potential for waste this place has by GOING GREEN! (Submitted Carrie in GA)

Great Movie Ride. With Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, the Great Movie Ride can get lost. Don’t miss this ride. It’s a great ride/show through some of the best films in movie history. Take some time to check out the props in the cue area. (Submitted by Lindsey)

Ghiraradelli Ice Cream shop in DTD. A yummy place to take a break from all that shopping! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

…And you get FREE SAMPLES too! YUM! (Submitted by Carol V.)

H is for…

Hour Changes. The hours for the parks can change, even on the day of, so be sure to check that out at the front of the park when you arrive. We were at Magic Kingdom one night and noticed things still up and going when we thought it was time to close. Well, we asked a CM and lo and behold it was open for THREE HOURS past the time we originally thought. If we had only known THAT in the morning! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Hoop Dee Doo Revue. One of my all time favorite places to go with my family! The show is hysterical and the food is extremely decent. Ribs, chicken, strawberry shortcake. Yum! The corniest jokes you have ever heard! But even my 6 year old thinks they are funny! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Hoop Dee Doo Revue. Check out the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue at Fort Wilderness. This is a little expensive, but it is the best dinner show at WDW. The cast will keep you fully entertained. Also, the fried chicken and BBQ ribs are excellent. (Submitted by Lindsey)

I is for…

“it’s a small world.” I have loved this ride ever since I was a small girl. “it’s a small world” is a part of all of us. (Submitted by miceli20)

Impossible. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do it all in one day, one trip, one week…I could go
on and on! So don’t even try! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Ice Cream. For a bit of a Disney feel at home, we like to get the Dove ice cream bars. They taste just like a Mickey Ice Cream Bar although we do miss the Mickey head shape. (Submitted by Mary)

J is for…

Jungle Cruise. And I can’t wait to experience it for the first time! (Submitted by Lianna)

Jump in the Front. You can jump in the front of the monorail with the driver if you get there in time and ask! You may have to wait, but it is a fun experience to see the monorail from the driver’s point of view, especially at night. You may even get a “pilot’s license” when you depart! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Jud’s touring service. If you email Jud and are extra nice he may show up at WDW when you are there. He’s quite the taskmaster though so be prepared for an exhausting yet informative and really fun day. (Submitted by Stefanie in MA)

K is for…

Keys to the Kingdom Tour. What a fun, informative time. (Submitted by BarbB)

Kim Possible. We saw a bunch of people doing the Kim Possible scavenger hunt in the World Showcase in January. I’m looking forward to trying it out myself (with or without my son!) (Submitted by Glenna)

Kringla Bakeri og Cafe in Norway. This little sandwich shop in Norway has some GREAT food and reasonable prices for the portion sizes. Try the soup! (Submitted by Bixie)

Kilimanjaro Safari. Don’t miss it! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

L is for…

Living with the Land. Interesting ride that shows all the innovative ways to grow our food. (Submitted by Becky in Illinois)

Lego Store. There is a Lego Store in Downtown Disney. (Submitted by csnkrushin)

Love. There are many ways to celebrate *love* at the World…from quiet romantic dinners in Mexico, to elegant dinners at the top of the “world” with a view of the fireworks, quiet walks along the beaches, room service, or gift baskets. Disney World can be very romantic in spite of its reputation as being a place for kids! Take advantage! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

M is for…

Mickey Mouse. It All Started with a Mouse! (Submitted by Glenna)

Moolah! Bring plenty of it! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Magic Moments and also for magical memories! (Submitted by csnkrushin)

N is for…

News. Keep up to date with all that is going on in Disney World with the Mouse for Less News section or better yet, sign up for the Magically Speaking Newsletter! (Submitted by Mike C.)

Neverland. Soaring over Neverland in a pirate ship on one of my favorite rides: Peter
Pan’s Flight! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

O is for…

‘Ohana. My #1 favorite place to eat in all of Disney! Hula hoop and coconut races to keep the kids entertained and those three-foot skewers? YUM! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Overindulge. Allow yourself the opportunity to OVERINDULGE at least once during your trip. Take a tour, a fireworks cruise, or a super nice dinner. It will be a break in the rush and a chance to do something you wouldn’t “normally” do on vacation. Maybe a massage or a rented car from the airport. Something to make it seem extra nice. (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

P is for…

Pirates of the Caribbean. What a wonderful ride in Magic Kingdom. The perfect place to cool down and relax in the heat of the day! Say hi to Jack. (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Polynesian Resort. Great hotel! Love the theming. (Submitted by Teresa in SC)

Pirate cruise. They leave from a few different locations, but my boys just did the one at the Grand Floridian and LOVED it! It was one of those things that cost a little extra but was so worth it! They went around to all the Deluxe Resorts to search for their treasure. Then they got lunch on the beach at Fort Wilderness. They had such a great time, I’m just jealous that I couldn’t experience it with them. (Submitted by bobbeckyw)

Patience. Always remember to bring a little extra when you’re traveling to the World. I promise it will make your vacation so much more enjoyable!

Parents, remember your little ones have smaller legs and can’t walk as fast as us. Have patience and show love when they get tired a little earlier in the day than you do. Please don’t yell at them for wanting to go on Dumbo just one more time. This is that trip you’ve been waiting to take them on since you first found out you were having them, or their first time at Disney with their grandparents, or just a family day at the parks when you live three miles down the road. Whatever the case may be, love goes much farther than anger, and the memory of how you were able to remain calm and peaceful will make you so much more proud of yourself, and will be something that your children will take with them as they become adults.

If you’re traveling without children, be patient with your spouse or other family members. Let them choose where to eat lunch today, or what attraction to see next. Have a husband whose one and only goal while here at Disney is to see how many FASTPASSes he can pocket in one day? Show him how much you appreciate that you were able to get on that ride in 10 minutes instead of 50! Have a wife who planned her heart out for the past two years to get you here? Buy her an extra Mickey Ice Cream Bar or let her have 20 minutes to just sit wherever she likes the view the best at the Magic Kingdom so she can just revel in the fact that she’s there.

Traveling alone? Please be patient with others who are not. We don’t always see what may actually be happening with another family. Maybe there’s a very good reason for that healthy looking person to be in a wheelchair. Wish that family well and have hope for them instead of being angry that they didn’t have to wait in line as long as you. Strike up a conversation and make a new friend from somewhere else in the world, or maybe someone from your own backyard.

This is such a special place to be. Sometimes we become a little overwhelmed and forget that but if you just bring a little extra patience, Disney will provide all the magic you could ever dream of. (Submitted by Schpoompie)

Prepare. Be prepared for rain or shine or cold or HOT, when you go to Disney World. Do not let the weather get you down at the Happiest Place on EARTH. (Submitted by Diane)

Post-Its. This the best tip I have ever read about and have used it every time and even at home too! Bring post-its to cover the auto toilet flushers sensors for the kids. Mine are nervous wrecks on those things and it can be quite an acrobatic gesture to cover them with your hands *and* assist! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Q is for…

Quit asking me, are you going to WDW again?…Because I am! And here’s why. Where else can you go that is catered to the family, magical, and wishes come true every time? (Submitted by maria mºoºunsey)

Queue. Make sure to bring plenty to do in the queue area! iPods, Nintendo DS’s and books are always fun things to keep amused while waiting for an attraction! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Quiet. Seek out a quiet spot in the park and take a rest! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

R is for…

Remember. Remember your trip by reading your planning book, making a scrapbook, keeping a journal, or posting on a blog or TheMouseForLess. It’s almost as fun as being there again! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Rainforest Cafe. My children love to eat here! We usually eat dinner around 5 p.m. at the Animal Kingdom location. Can be pretty chilly, though, so you might want to bring a light jacket. (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Resting. So important to remember you are on VACATION and not to forget to take the time to rest and relax! Nothing like taking time out to take an extra dip in the pool or to sleep in to be able to enjoy the day even more. (Submitted by catheme2003)

S is for…

Splash Mountain. Be prepared to get wet on this ride! My whole family loves it! The cutest story and quite the drop! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Shipping. If you stay onsite, you can have packages shipped back to your room instead of having to carry them around the parks with you. I believe that they aren’t delivered until the next day, so don’t try this unless you have one more night at Disney. (Submitted by Mary)

Sleep. Don’t completely abandon your normal sleep schedule while you are on your trip! If your children are accustomed to bedtime at 8 p.m. or nap at 2 p.m., then *try* to keep close, and they will be much happier and enjoy their trip a lot more. Dragging them around dead tired will only make for fussing and unhappy family as well as unhappy whoever is next to you in line. (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Segway. The Segway tour in Epcot is a must! We took it last May and it was fantastic. First we learned how to ride them. Then we practiced. Then we toured an empty World Showcase. We saw parts of WS that we never saw before. We were given detailed history about many of the things that make up WS. Then we were let loose to drive around ourselves and take pictures. If you go, make sure you get an early tour, before WS opens. This way it’s a little more personal and you’re not worried about running people over. If you’re an AP holder there should be a discount. Oh and don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to ride them or stand up on them. I learned in 3 minutes! It was GREAT! (Submitted by ang)

SuperCaliFragilisticExpialidocious! (Submitted by Hoosier Grandma)

T is for…

Toy Story Mania. A new ride my family is looking forward to doing for the first time this summer! Along the same lines as Buzz at MK, I hear this is quite the hopping new attraction so get there early if you want a FASTPASS! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

TTA. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority is a must ride on every visit to see the Mouse! (Submitted by Teresa in SC)

Transportation. Be sure to take advantage of the Disney Transportation system: monorails, boats and buses. One of my favorite things about staying at Disney is that I don’t have to drive! (Submitted by Erica)

Tower of Terror. It took us a while but it became a favorite of my girls. You should listen
to Jud: Disney will not hurt you! LOL! (Submitted by Deb N)

Thrifty. Find lots of way to be thrifty at Disney World by visiting! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

U is for…

Umbrella Lamppost. The Umbrella Lamppost from “Singin’ in the Rain” at Hollywood Studios. Great photo op! (Submitted by Sharon in CT)

Universe of Energy. Very cute and somewhat educational ride. If your kids like dinosaurs, this one is for you! Warning: this ride is LONG! Like 45 minutes. Make sure to use the bathroom BEFORE you go as YOU CANNOT get off! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Ugly hats. Your kids are gonna want one! And you are not going to want to buy it, so why not take a picture instead and remember the hat fondly without having something you’re just gonna put in the yard sale in a couple of years! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Ummmmm. “Ummmm, I know it’s here somewhere,” or “Umm, I think the ride is this way,” or “Umm, I am totally not getting on Tower of Terror!” (Submitted by Becky in Illinois)

Umbrella. Be prepared for this crazy Florida weather! Rain showers can come out of nowhere. Even when the weatherman says it will be sunny, don’t get caught without your raincoat, poncho or umbrella! (Submitted by Erica)

Underwear. Don’t leave home without it. (Submitted by Heidi)

V is for…

Visa. Get the Disney Visa Credit card and earn money towards that next Disney vacation! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Vacation planning. Don’t underestimate the advantage of actually PLANNING each day of your vacation! It can save on the last minute BAD decision making. WE ALL know this, but sadly (or to our advantage) many others do not. (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

W is for…

Walt. We all would not even be here talking to each other if it was not for him. (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Wear your money. Wear your money in a waist pack or over the shoulder bag…something you don’t accidentally leave on a ride or on a bench. That way, if you DO notice you left your bag somewhere, at least it doesn’t have your cash, cards, etc, in it. (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Water Parks. Either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach are so refreshing on a hot summer’s day. (Submitted by Teresa in SC)

X is for…

Xerox. Xerox copy the backs of your passes (not needed to AP’s) so if you forget your pass in a FASTPASS machine, the customer service window can issue you a new ticket! Cannot tell you how many people I have seen over the years that lost their ticket in a FASTPASS machine and had no “proof” of their purchase! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Xerox the back of those tickets and PhotoPass cards…that way if you lose
them, you still have hope of retrieval! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Y is for…

Yell. Yell and scream like crazy if you want to be picked to be an extra in the
Indiana Jones Stunt Show! (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Yachtsman Steakhouse. We are trying this restaurant for the very first time this summer. It is supposed to be an EXCELLENT steak house! My brother proposed to his fiancée here! It is the first time we are doing a two table credit dinner, so I am hoping for WONDERFUL! And every once in a while I want a REALLY good steak! Oh yeah, they are supposed to have lobster bisque here also which I want to try! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

Z is for…

Zealous. You can’t be too zealous when planning your Disney vacation! Thanks to The Mouse For Less for this awesome list giving us all a place to show off our “zealousness.” (Submitted by Carrie in GA)

Zzzzzzzz. Make sure to get enough sleep! You cannot be there every day before the park opens and stay till it closes. You will drop! Pick one. Either be there early or be there late. Give your body a break and you will be a much happier person! Try to get the same number of hours of sleep you usually do and you will make it through the week (or two weeks!) easier than someone burning the candle at both ends! (Submitted by Karen in CT)

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