A Princess in Preparation

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I have never been a runner nor much of an athlete, but when I read about the Disney Princess Half Marathon a few months ago, something deep inside of me perked up.  All of a sudden I had full color visions of myself sprinting though Cinderella’s castle, jogging past the TTC, and pushing my tired legs to continue for the final quarter mile to the cheering and the confetti and the finish line.  I am beginning to  see myself a runner, not a fast runner, but a Princess runner nonetheless.

Once my vision of running my first race took hold, I realized that I had to make this happen.  Not such an easy task for someone who has never run much more than 2 miles, and that was on a treadmill.  I also knew that this was an adventure and when one decides to go on an adventure it is best to take along a few close friends. Thoughts of an official “Girls Weekend” started to take hold.  No longer was my daydream merely of running the Princess ½ marathon through the most magical place on Earth, but of a fantastic getaway, free of children and husbands, just me and some of my closest friends.  Right away I decided that my cousin, Emily, was at the top of my list.  She is one of my best friends and she has run plenty of races, including full marathons.  Without a doubt she will have valuable pointers and she is an awesome motivator so I was more than thrilled that she enthusiastically agreed to join me on my journey.  Next on the list is Erika.  She and I met while living in Albuquerque almost 10 years ago and many moves  and 7 children between us later, despite many miles between us, we have maintained a strong friendship.  Erika also recently completed her first triathlon, again, an experienced friend can only be helpful, right?

With registration only a few days away, my journey is just beginning and I feel as if this is more than a race, it is going to change my thinking.  I am going to have to push myself harder than I have ever attempted before.  I am a Princess in preparation for the run of my life and here begins the journey…

by: Bridget (who is learning to be a runner)

Sharing is caring!

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