A Princess in Preparation

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The final payment has been made, the Magical Express tickets have arrived.  According to the Run Disney website, I have a little over 41 one days until race day.  I am in crunch time.  It is now or never.  I must increase my distance if I want to accomplish my goal of completing the Princess Half Marathon at the end of February.  As I sit in my cozy warm chair, I am psyching myself up for a big run in the morning.  Last week I ran seven miles, which honestly still surprises me.  Tomorrow the plan calls for eight miles.  Eight long miles.  I try not to think too much about how far that truly is because I don’t want to sink into negative thoughts.  If I think for too long, I begin to picture the route I will need to take to complete the full eight miles and then little voices start up reminding me how mile seven felt last week and how in the world am I going to make it that eighth mile.  So I am NOT going to dwell on the distance as much.

I am going to think about my new toy that I got for Christmas.  My grandmother gave me a Garmin Forerunner to help me with my training.  I love it!  With a simple glance at my wrist I know exactly how far I have gone (or more importantly how close I am to the end!), my pace, and time.  Last week I was able to use the watch for the first time and I found out that I had been shorting myself ½ mile or more.  That is, thinking that I had gone five miles, when in fact I had gone a little over five and a half.  I was mapping my runs on the internet, and while that is a close estimation, it wasn’t exact.  I have really enjoyed watching my pace.  I am easily maintaining a 10-11 minute mile.  For hard core runners, this is slow, but for me it is awesome!  Remember, a year ago I had never run more than two miles at a time and that was only on a treadmill.  I had a hard time pacing myself and was always out of breathe if I tried running on the street.    I worked out the pacing issue by getting my former military husband to run with me.  I get into my “zone” and watch his feet and I have learned where my comfortable stride is.  The breathing part was solved with a trip to the Asthma doctor.  I found out that I have exercise induced asthma that was not discovered sooner due to the fact that I had never pushed myself to this level of exertion.  The watch has also given me a more accurate time.  I press the start button when I begin and press stop when I am done.  Before, I was trying to remember the exact time when I left and then, if I remembered, I would check the time when I was done and then did a little mental math to guesstimate my time.  I like the preciseness of the watch much more.  It fits my Type A personality perfectly!

So in the morning, I am hitting the pavement (unless it is raining, I am not going to run in the cold rain).   As race day draws closer, I find my excitement level increasing.  This is going to be a lot of fun!  I may not love running, but I love Disney World, and that is going to make the running part fun.  I can’t wait!

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