A Princess in Preparation

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How is the training going?  I have been hearing that more and more lately.  And my answer is that it is going slowly.  If I didn’t have three kids to keep up with, a full volunteer schedule at their school, great weather of about 65 degrees with clear skies, and someone to run my errands and clean the house for me then maybe I would be doing better.  Maybe if I hadn’t stepped on that toy at the bottom of the stairs in the dark and bruised my toe I wouldn’t have slowed down and ended up taking a few days off so that it could heal.  Who knows?

I am still trying to love the idea of running, but that isn’t happening either.  I do like how I feel when I am done with a run and I am much better at the actual running part now.  I also know that I have the ability to do this, but I am most certainly NOT addicted to the sport yet.  The temperature has dropped quite a bit though and most days I am running outside as opposed to going to the gym and running on the treadmill.  Surprisingly I find it much easier to run outside now (and a lot more entertaining!) than I did before.   A year ago, I had never run outside and now (assuming good weather) I am running outside more than going to the gym.  A few times I have wondered if I should go ahead and cancel the gym membership and then it gets hot and muggy again or we have a few days of rain and I remember that it is good to have the option of going to the gym!  I am easily running 4 miles now and have made it up to 6 at one time.  With the passing of Thanksgiving I am now realizing that before I know it, Christmas will be here and gone and then in the blink of an eye it will be marathon time.  I sometimes get panicky and think that I need to hurry up and get to 12 or 13 miles, but then I remind myself that this sort of thing takes time and if I rush it, I am more likely to get hurt or burn out.  I get anxious some days and think that I won’t be up to it on race day.  Friends remind me that the adrenaline will carry me farther than I think, and I sure hope they are right.  Regardless, in the next month I need to add a mile or two to my daily workouts and get up to 7or 8 on my long weekend runs.  It isn’t going to be easy with the holiday season gearing up.  I am going to have to be more dedicated than ever so that I don’t lose ground.  Completing the ½ marathon is my goal and I am going to do it.  I cannot wait to get that Princess Medal at the end of the race!  When I am having a really bad day, I think of that medal and press on.  Wish me luck!

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