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I have been so preoccupied with coming up with other blog ideas that I just realized that it has been about a month since I gave an update on my ½ marathon training and Girl’s weekend plans!  On the running front, I had a major breakthrough on Friday.  My running buddy (aka DH) and I ran a record distance of 5.95 miles!  Well, okay, it was a record for me, not him, but that is why he is my running buddy.  I know that he can keep up with me and not wimp out when I need motivation to keep going.  You may wonder why 5.95 miles?  What happened that I did not get in that last little bit to make it a whole 6 miles?  Well, here is the story in a nutshell my friends…  When we left the house our plan was to do our usual 5 mile loop and then be done for the day.  I still am not feeling real great about 5 miles and I did not think that I was ready to go further.  Well, it funny because somewhere between the 3 mile mark and the 3.5 mile mark (the sidewalk literally is marked so I know for sure this is the point I was at) I got a second wind or something.  I have always heard about this mystical endorphin high and maybe that’s what it was, regardless I convinced myself that maybe, just maybe, I could go a little bit further.  So at the end of the trail when DH was thinking we were heading home, I pulled a surprise on him and told him we were taking a side street to get in a little extra distance.  When we got home I was curious how much that little extra added to our run.  Using a mapping website I was able to plug in our starting and ending point and that is when I realized that had I gone to the corner and back, I would have had a whole 6 miles.  Oh well.  At least I know for next time, right?  So the running part is coming along nicely.  I still don’t feel like a runner, but then what exactly does a true runner feel like?  I am starting to actually enjoy my runs and since I know that I am quite capable of completing my goal of a ½ marathon I have no excuse but to keep on keeping on!

On the Girl’s weekend side of the plans (which is really the fun part) we have had a few fun changes in our plans.  One of my friends who is going along is a military dependent and when the new military deal came out we discovered that we could upgrade resorts and still come in at a lower cost than we had originally.  So goodbye All Star Movies and hello Port Orleans French Quarter!  We also added a friend to the mix so now we are a happy six person group.  It’s a good thing that I had the foresight to make dinner reservations for 6 instead of 5!  We are adding one more room to our reservation and already making plans to spend more time in the parks since we are also able to take advantage of the 4 day military park hopper ticket, which again is cheaper than the 2 day single park ticket that were originally going for.  I am so excited for my Girl’s only weekend to get here!  It is all coming together nicely, including the running bit.  I’ll keep you updated!

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