A Dozen Ways to Keep Your Disney Resort Experience Safe

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Keep Your Disney Resort Experience Safe
Keep your Disney resort experience safe by employing these twelve methods.

Walt Disney World has implemented enhanced cleaning and distance protocols to help keep you safe at their resorts.  Here are a dozen additional steps to keep your Disney resort experience safe and magical.

1. Understand how Disney Keeps Your Resort Experience Safe

It’s important to understand what your hotel is doing to keep you safe when you travel.  Disney has published their enhanced cleaning and safety protocols.  If you are staying at an offsite hotel you may have to check their website or contact them.

2. Request a room that hasn’t been Occupied For a Period

The longer a room is unoccupied the less likely any pathogens survive.  Therefore ask Disney, or your travel agent, for a room that has not been occupied for a while.  This is a tough ask to comply with but you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

A Safe Disney Resort Experience
Taking the stairs is a great way to keep your distance and avoid the small elevator spaces.

3. Prepare to Keep Your Disney Resort Experience Safe Before you Go

Pack the new essentials.  This includes

  • alcohol disinfecting wipes
  • small containers of hand sanitizers
  • latex gloves:  a couple of pairs for initial cleaning
  • Pen and notepaper to leave any notes for housekeeping
  • Small zip lock bags
  • Your own shampoo and soap
  • Plastic cups/Water Bottles
  • Diffuser/ Air Purifier (Nice to have)

You also want to have conversations with your traveling group about what to expect and how to keep your stay clean and safe.

4. Air out and inspect your room when you get there

If there are obvious signs that the room was inadequately cleaned call guest services and request a new room.  At Disney I would be shocked if this ever happened but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Leave the door open while you do this to help air out the room.

5. Clean the common surfaces to Keep Your Resort Experience Safe

Clean all the common contact points throughout the room and the bathroom with alcohol wipes.  We recommend that you wear the latex gloves while completing this task.  Common surfaces include  remote controls, alarm clocks,  the landline phone, cabinet and drawer handles, doorknobs and door locks, light switches, desk surfaces, and information booklets and brochures.  Remember the common areas in the bathroom including the counter tops, handles and showerhead.

A dozen ways to keep your Disney resort experience safe
Pay special attention to the surfaces in the bath area, Don’t put your toiletry items on the counter. Leave them in your toiletry bag.

6. Put away items you don’t need

This includes the bed coverings and drinking glasses. Sheets and blankets are cleaned between every guest according to the cleaning protocol but the bed covering was not listed.  Be safe, fold the covering and put it away during your stay.

7. Isolate Other Items in the Room

Place items like the TV remote in a zip lock bag where it can be operated successfully with out endangering infection.

8. Keep your own items safe

Keep your toiletries inside your toiletry bag.  Don’t put them on the counter or in a glass on the sink.  Consider living out of your suitcase rather than unpacking in the bureau.

9. Contact Housekeeping

Let them know that you will not need their services during the length of your stay.  Reduce the chance of additional pathogens being brought into your room.

10. Wash your hands

Wash them often.  Then wash them again.  Don’t be the conduit for pathogens.

Keeping ing your Disney Resort Experience Safe
Avoid high traffic common areas like the lobby whenever possible.

11. Avoid high traffic areas at the resort

Even though Disney does a great job keeping high traffic areas clean, it is unreasonable to assume that they can clean these areas between guests.  When practical avoid high traffic areas like the lobby or elevators.  Eat in your room or on an outdoor bench instead of in the resort restaurants.  Jog on the trails.  If the kids want a trip to the pool practice social distancing and mask wearing (when not in the water).

 12. Increase air circulation in the room helps Keep Your Resort Experience Safe

This is especially true when you first get there.  Open a door, patio door or window (do any still open).  If your air conditioner is a wall unit with outside access turn the fan on.


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