5 Shows to See on Disney+ Summer 2022

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As it heats up over the summer, here are five shows streaming on Disney+ to help keep you cool.

Light & Magic

The six part series tells about the story of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). ILM is best known as George Lucas’s special effects company, responsible for all of the groundbreaking special effects in Star Wars.  Special behind the scenes footage and interviews tells the story of this little known company that has made all the difference in the special effects world.

Ms. Marvel

The newest Marvel superhero is Kamala Khan.  What makes her different than all the other Marvel superheros?  Not only is she an American high school teenager, but she is also of Muslim faith.  Kamala opens the door for teenage girls to dream about becoming a super hero.

37 Words

Celebrating 50 years of Title IX, 37 Words, tells the story of how Title IX came to be and what impact this law has from the time it became law to today.  The documentary brings together historical footage with current interviews of big name athletes and politicians telling their stories.


Pixar’s newest movie gives a new spin to Toy Story’s famous Buzz Lightyear.  We find out the origin of Andy’s famous Buzz toy as we see the real Buzz stranded on a hostile planet trying to make his way home.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

The six part series gives a brief look into Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi’s time on Tatooine between Star Wars Episodes 3 and 4.  Obi-Wan is called on to help rescue Leia who has been kidnapped from her home.  Darth Vader also returns as the villain.


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