Beyond the Ball: World Showcase Photo Spots

World Showcase photo spots

When we visit Epcot, we always take pictures with Spaceship Earth. The “Big Ball” has a magnetic effect, drawing our lenses to photograph it. But once you’d taken the obligatory icon shot, consider some other fun places to take pictures. These World Showcase photo spots will produce some treasured vacation memories. Here are some ideas to try:

World Showcase photo spots

Gift Shops

If eating or drinking your way around the world is Epcot’s #1 activity, shopping has to rank #2. Each country’s gift shop is filled with unique — and even bizarre — merchandise and decorations. There are endless possibilities for entertaining pictures inside the shops. Take a photo in a silly hat or with something that makes you smile.

World Showcase photo spots

Some decorations just beg to be photographed

World Showcase photo spots

Country Icons

While it may scream “stereotype,” each pavilion in World Showcase has special photo-op backdrops or setups for you to use. Find something that matches your heritage or your personality. Make a silly face or pose. Don’t resist the urge to take the picture, have fun with it!

World Showcase photo spots

What’s more British than a red phone booth? What’s more American than getting a cheesy photo with it?

World Showcase photo spots

That Giant Ball, Again

The beauty of Spaceship Earth is that it is visible from almost everywhere in Epcot. It’s going to make it into more of your photos. Be creative and frame it in Japan’s torii gate, or peeking over the trees. The lake makes an excellent foreground.

World Showcase photo spots

Get Silly

The subject matter doesn’t really matter. If something entrances you or your family, get a picture. What seems like a throwaway photo at the time (like killing time in the lobby of Impressions de France, above) can turn out to be a cherished memory.

World Showcase photo spots

One More Time

A photograph in the same location each Disney visit can become a family tradition. Each park has a special location where I insist on taking a picture each time. It allows you to track growth and change over a series of visits. Often the photo will be like many described above — more about the memory than the background.

Remember, photographs are the best souvenir you can bring home! They are free, they don’t take up any luggage space, and you will actually want to look at them again. These World Showcase photo spots are unique places to get amusing and interesting photos with your group.

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