Christmas in July: The 2018 Disney Hallmark Ornaments

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Disney Hallmark Ornaments

As my very understanding neighbors (and wife) will tell you, I love Christmas. One of the longest running and most expansive iterations of this is my love of Christmas ornaments. Naturally, I can’t go on a Disney trip without checking out the Christmas stores and coming home with at least one, but I also help feed my dueling addictions through Hallmark and their great selection of Disney ornaments.

And as a good Christmas ornament aficionado, I happen to know that the Hallmark premiere occurs every year in mid-July, so I decided to do my own “Christmas in July” and went down on the first day to check out the great selection of Disney ornaments this year.

Disney Ornament Wall

Disney Ornament Boxes

While I haven’t gone back and specifically looked at previous years, it felt this year that there were a ton of Disney related options, and especially some that you don’t normally see. I have them loosely broken down into categories.

Mickey and Friends


We all know that it started with a Mouse, so that’s where I will start. Mickey is never hard to find in ornament form, but there are some fun options this year. First, Hallmark always has some sort of series of characters that interact with each other, and this year is is Mickey based!

Disney Hallmark Mickey Friends

Each of the ornaments in this set has a button to start some song that the others join in on. They are released at different times during the season, so you might have to head back a few times to get them all.

Hallmark Mickey Bell

While Mickey and Goofy usually have some ornaments every year, Donald is not always present at Hallmark, but he has a role in this set.

Hallmark Donald

They light up as well!

Disney Hallmark

Disney Hallmark Box

Speaking of Goofy, he also has his own, this time a Cupid inspired look.

Disney Hallmark Goofy

Mickey himself has a few others, starting with two older style ones, including Steamboat Willie.

Disney Hallmark Mickey

Hallmark Steamboat Willie

Mickey also has a super cute pair with Minnie (who then also has her own feature).

Mickey and Minnie Skating

Minnie Ornament

The last Mickey ornament is one of my favorites. I always love the Sorcerer Mickey look, and as part of one of the “premium” collection this year, they have a really cool looking rendition.

Sorcerer Mickey Ornament

As you might see, this series is very expensive (more on that later) but also special and fun.

Other Disney Characters

Disney Ornaments

For me, I think this category might be the most surprisingly broad array of any this year. There is a great variety and number, and you are bound to fall for at least one.

First, the Princesses, and first among Princesses is Snow White.

Snow White Ornament

Next, we have a couple Cinderella ornaments this year. Including an early one, a stylized one, and a really nice one with Prince Charming.

Cinderella Early Ornament

Cinderella Ornament

Cinderella and Charming Ornament

Hitting up some of the first Disney Animation renaissance we have Ariel (and dad), Belle, and Pocahontas.

Ariel ornament

Belle Ornament

Pocahontas Ornament

Aligned with the princess movement (even though she’s a queen) we have two Elsa ornaments this year.

Elsa Ornament


Moving on from princesses, Hallmark has a wide range of other Disney characters. From the early days there is Pinocchio and Dumbo (with mom).

Pinocchio Ornament

Dumbo Ornament

On the theme of classic characters, they also have Peter Pan (with Tinker Bell), Mary Poppins (in the Precious Moments style),

Peter Pan Ornament

Mary Poppins Ornament

And there is even more – we have a super cute Chip and Dale ornament, Lumiere inviting you to “Be Our Guest,” and two different, completely adorable, Winnie the Poohs.

Chip and Dale Ornament

Lumiere Ornament

Pooh Ornament

Pooh Tigger Ornament

In the much more recent era of Disney, they have a two part Baymax ornament.


The last ornament that fits in this category is my favorite, because I love all things Grumpy. This year the ornament also includes Dopey but is a fun design.

Grumpy and Dopey

Pixar, the Muppets, Marvel, and More

Hero Ornaments

As Disney has collected companies, we can consider more and more of our favorites to be Disney-connected somehow. First, Pixar – to my delight this year’s Pixar ornaments are not the most obvious choices. You have a 10th anniversary Wall-E, Lightning and Cruz, and, most hilariously, the seagulls from Finding Nemo.

Wall E Ornament

Cars Ornament

Mine Mine Mine Mine

Marvel only has a few this year, but the hit the high points of the year, with Iron Man, Ant Man, and Groot. There are also ornaments coming out later for Black Panther and Wasp, as well as some for Spider-Man and Captain America that my store did not have.

Iron Man Ornament

Ant Man

I am Groot

Hallmark traditionally has some Muppet representation, and I was super excited to see this year (and for the first time I can remember) Rowlf, at the piano and everything. Rowlf has always been one of my favorites (piano player solidarity) but he doesn’t get as much merchandise love as some of the others, so this was a great surprise.

Rowlf Ornament

In this overall category, the other main offering is a tribute to the many scares of Jack Skellington(the first of several Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments coming out this year).

Jack Skellington


Star Wars

Can’t wait for Galaxy’s Edge to open? You can bide your time by creating an entire Star Wars tree just from this year’s ornaments. That isn’t a joke, there are that many. Let’s start with just the ships.

Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars Solo

If you look at the intro picture for scale, these ships are pretty big as far as ornaments go. There is also a Death Star ornament (and another tree topper).

Death Star

You then have a great subset of characters from across many of the movies, but especially the original trilogy. Here is a sampling:


boba fett

After you outfit your Star Wars tree with all of these ornaments you might think to yourself “self, I need to get a Star Wars tree skirt.” Well, Hallmark has you covered there as well.

Skirt in Box


Harry Potter

Okay, okay. I know it isn’t Disney, but as a theme park fan (and proud Ravenclaw) I have to include the Harry Potter selections.

Hallmark almost always has a scene from one of the movies, and this time we get to see part of a potions lesson.

Harry and Snape

Sticking with the main Harry Potter story, they have a super-Christmasy Honeydukes ornament.


Lastly, one of the standout comic relief contributors for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was the adorable kleptomaniac Niffler. If you get this one, hide your shiny objects.


Besides all of these, there are still many more that will be released later. I mentioned a few of those, but as we get closer to Christmas you will see additions from Alice in Wonderland, the Incredibles, Wreck it Ralph, Coco, Mulan, and even one of the Partner’s Statue just to name a few. Like I said, this is a great year for Disney fans at Hallmark.

But to close, I wanted to share one final ornament from this year, one of my favorites, that is also the highlight of the premium collection – Cinderella Castle.

Cinderella Castle

Any Disney fan who also likes their keepsakes shiny will be drawn straight to this one the moment they see it. For a great year of Disney ornaments, some of the most unique and special ornaments they have ever made are on top of the enormous volume of great choices this year.

While it might be hot outside, you should go mentally to December as you physically go to Hallmark and check them out for yourself. Merry Christmas!

Which ornaments are you going to get this year?  Share your thoughts in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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