All About Disney Movies Anywhere

All About Disney Movies Anywhere


Do you have several electronic devices to watch your movies on?  Perhaps your kids have their own devices. Well Disney Movies Anywhere has you covered.  Disney Movies Anywhere is an app and a website where you can browse, buy and watch your favorite movies on several types of devices.  Whenever I purchase a movie from a store, I make sure that it includes a digital download.  With that digital download is a special code that you input into the Disney Movies Anywhere app or website.

You have to set up an account on the Disney Movies Anywhere site and then you have the choice to use iTunes or an app from the Apple App Store, the Amazon app store, Google Play Store, the Xbox App Marketplace, and/or Roku Streaming Channels Store to download.  Or you can stream directly from the web browser of your devices.  Once you have input that code, you can watch the movie from a laptop, desktop, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle or even your Wii!  You can also download the movie, so you don’t just have to stream it in order to watch it.

I have downloaded several movies now and have a nice “Collection” with all of my movies.  When you make a purchase, all of your movie are kept in a library called a Collection.  If you have made purchases of Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars titles from other providers, they will be automatically added to your Disney  Movies Anywhere Collection.  You don’t have to purchase movies from other locations and tie them to your Collection, you can also purchase movies directly from the Disney Movies Anywhere site.

But wait!  There’s more!  You can also earn Rewards!  Yes, that’s right.  The Disney Movies Rewards membership-based program is free and gives member the chance to collect points from their movie purchases, which can be used for rewards and special offers such as movie tickets, merchandise, printables, books, games and much more!  Even if you have zero points you can still obtain free items from their site.

So if you are getting ready to head out on a road trip or a flight with your children, or even just by yourself, and you want to watch a Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars movie, get the app and get hooked up!

Have you used Disney Movies Anywhere to watch your favorite films? What were your thoughts? Share in the comments!

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