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What Do You Do to Make Your Trip “New”?

Compiled By Erica Colmenares

Many of us have been to Walt Disney World and/or Disneyland multiple times. Sometimes more times than we care to admit outside of Disneyphile circles. But even a much-beloved destination can become routine without a jolt of “new.” Earlier this month, we asked Magically Speaking readers what they do to keep their Disney trips new. Here are the stories they shared.

This is a very good topic and one that lots of “unbelievers” don’t get why we keep going back. Our secret to keeping Disney new is to try at least one thing that we haven’t done before on each trip. We have tried a couple different tours that we have really enjoyed. (There are lots more we want to try but we’ll have to do them on the “adults only” trips.) We did the Yuletide Tour earlier this month and loved it. We also try to hit a new restaurant just about every trip although that is really hard when we have so many that we love to eat at already and like to go back to each time. It also helps that we have a grand daughter that hasn’t been to Mickey’s House before that gets to go with us in a few weeks so that will make everything new again thru her eyes. (Submitted by BudNKat)

To keep my Disney trips new and exciting every time, I stay at a different resort each time and try restaurants that I haven’t yet tried. I also look for opportunities to do lesser-known or overlooked attractions, such as Animation Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and do try for things I haven’t done, like to be part of the show at Backlot Tour. Because the experiences are unusual, it differentiates one trip from another. (Submitted by Deanna S.)

New?!?!?!?!? Are you insane? We go to Disney because it’s always the same: same clean environment, same wonderful restaurants, same great entertainment, and the same fantastic, friendly Cast Members. We like SAME!!! (Submitted by Jane & Al in MO)

This year we decided that instead of doing our usual six nights/seven days, we’ll stay seven nights, and cut out any table service meals, just focusing on counter-service. So, we’re going to head to Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney which we hear is great. We’re going to order pizza at Pop Century. We’re going to actually eat at our own food court at Pop Century for a change, ’cause we hear that it’s great too. Hey, if it allows us to spend one more night in WDW, it’s well worth it. (Submitted by Maegen D.)

We like to go at different times of year. It’s very different visiting The World in December than it is to go in July (we prefer December!). A trip to Disney World in January has the down-sides of closures, but it’s great for crowds. On the other hand, we also enjoy the over-the-top action happening during the Spring Break dates. It is like going to a completely different place. (Submitted by Clara in TX)

Two of my last three trips to The World, I have taken a “newbie.” This kind of let me think of Walt Disney World as new for me too, so I tried a few things I hadn’t before. New restaurants, new rides, new adventures! When I went solo, I took my time since I did not have to wait for anyone else and that also enabled me to see things that I never had before. Walt Disney World never gets old for me. It all seems magical and new to me! (Submitted by Danna C.)

Every time we go, we start at a different park and try to do the reverse of what we did the previous time. We also try to go to a new restaurant each time. (Submitted by Eddie & Lisa)

For years, we always visited Orlando in the spring, because we love the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. Two years ago, though, because of health reasons we couldn’t go until the fall. Well, we discovered how equally wonderful the Food and Wine Festival is. Now we’re going to try to alternate between the two Epcot events, and we’re considering throwing in a visit close to Christmas next year, to see how Epcot “does up” the holidays. (Submitted by Derek and Suzanne)

We have done several things to keep our visits new. One trip the kids and I wanted to theme it “Pass on the Magic.” So we made an attempt on that trip to pull extra fast passes we could share with another family if we weren’t going to use them. We brought light-up necklaces for the kids to hand out. We gave up seats on the buses. Just anything extra we could come up with to make someone else’s trip a little extra magical. We have also done a “Hidden Gems” trip, trying to find all sorts of out of the way or lesser know things to do (see the Hidden Gems in the World page on for ideas). (Submitted by Mic A.)

I have to say that we are creatures of habit. Traditionalists, I guess. When we first visited in 1993, we stayed at Dixie Landings, and continued to stay there after the resort became Port Orleans Riverside (we always stay in the Alligator Bayou section). Each of us has our favorite thing we must do. My husband needs to have a steak at Le Cellier. Our daughter (now 20!) can’t visit The Mouse without riding the teacups at the Magic Kingdom. Our son is a Star Tours fan (and worries that he won’t like the updated version, whenever that happens). And for me, it’s our yearly viewing of The American Adventure at Epcot. Call us boring, but that’s what keeps us going back, each year. (Submitted by Maureen)

Disney keeps Disney new for me. They are always changing things. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes, not so much. But each time we go, there’s a new attraction to experience, or a new rule or system or dining plan to learn about. I think that if I didn’t read newsletters like Magically Speaking between visits, and I didn’t know about each little change, I wouldn’t anticipate every trip as much. Because I know about all the new stuff that Disney is doing, I stay interested, and am able to plan great trips for my family. Thanks, Magically Speaking, for helping keep the Magic alive! (Submitted by Greg in SC)

Wow! Thank you, Greg, for the kind words. And thanks to all of you, for sharing how you keep your Disney trips new. And congratulations to BudNKat, who we picked at random from our submissions to receive a Magically Speaking prize pack.

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