Changing FastPass+ Reservations

Changing FastPass+ Reservations

You’ve made your FastPass+ reservations. Then something happens. You change your mind about rides or times. You decide to make other plans during one of your return times. Or maybe you made plans hoping a FastPass for a ride or time would open open down the road. Can you change your mind? The answer is, yes!  Changing FastPass+ Reservations is an easy process.

The FastPass+ system is actually very well suited for making changes. It’s not a difficult thing and you can make changes any time up until it’s time for you to ride.

Changing FastPass+ Reservations

So let’s get started on making your changes. As with all FastPass+ activities, you need to start in your My Disney Experience account.

From the menu, select FastPass+ and all of your current FastPass+ reservations will come up.


Find the FastPass+ reservation you wish to change and click on View Details

FP+ Changes

You will have three options: Modify, Change Party, or Cancel. We are going to select modify to make a change to this reservation. For more on Change Party or Cancel, select those links in this text.

FP+ Change Options

From the Modify screen, you can do one of two things. You can either keep the same attraction, but look for a more suitable time on the same day, or you can change the attraction selection completely.

FP+ Change Time or Experience

At this screen you proceed as you did when making an initial FastPass+ reservation. You can either select a different time for the same attraction (available times are listed and more can be found using the Filter By Time menu for time of day or a specific time) or you can select a new experience completely.

Don’t worry if you accidentally select a time or attraction that you don’t really want. You will confirm your changes on the next screen before anything is permanent.


Once you confirm your change, the new FastPass+ reservation will be listed with your other reservations in My Disney Experience.

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