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Jamba Juice Menu

Famous for healthy, refreshing and revitalizing smoothies, Jamba Juice offers an awesome array of tasty fruit combinations. Try the power-packed gourmet pretzels and breads for a quick snack or a healthy meal at Jamba Juice.

Restaurant Info: American, Healthy Selections, Vegetarian, Lunch/Dinner, $ – Less than $14.99 per person

Annual Passport Discounts: 10%

Jamba Juice Menu

Menu Date: 02/2019

Classic Smoothies

Aloha Pineapple®
Strawberry, Banana, Greek Yogurt, Pineapple Juice, Pineapple Sherbet – $5.99/$6.79/$7.29

Banana Berry™
Banana, Blueberry, Apple Strawberry Juice, Nonfat Frozen Yogurt, Raspberry Sherbet – $5.99/$6.79/$7.29

Caribbean Passion®
Strawberry, Peach, Passion Mango Juice, Orange Sherbet – $5.99/$6.79/$7.29

Mango, Passion Mango Juice, Pineapple Sherbet – $5.99/$6.79/$7.29

Peach Pleasure®
Peach, Banana, Peach Juice, Orange Sherbet – $5.99/$6.79/$7.29

Strawberry, Banana, Peach Juice, Orange Sherbet – $5.99/$6.79/$7.29

Strawberries Wild®
Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Strawberry Juice, Nonfat Frozen Yogurt – $5.99/$6.79/$7.29

Strawberry Surf Rider™
Strawberry, Peach, Lemonade, Lime Sherbet – $5.99/$6.79/$7.29

Fruit & Veggie & All Fruit Smoothies

Mega Mango™
Mango, Strawberry, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Peach Perfection™
Peach, Mango, Strawberry, Apple Strawberry Juice, Peach Juice – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Pomegranate Paradise™
Mango, Strawberry, Peach, Pomegranate Juice – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Strawberry Whirl™
Strawberry, Banana, Apple Strawberry Juice – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Apple ‘n Greens™
Kale, Banana, Mango, Peach, Apple Strawberry Juice – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Berry Upbeet™
Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Mixed Berry Juice, Red Veggie Juice – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Greens ‘N Ginger™
Mango, Kale, Peach, Ginger, Lemonade – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Orange Carrot Karma™
fresh Carrot Juice, Mango, Banana, Orange Juice – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Specialty Smoothies

Açaí Super Antioxidant™
Strawberry, Blueberry, Açaí Juice, Soy Milk, Raspberry Sherbet + Daily Vitamin +Zinc Boost – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

Orange C-Booster™
Orange Juice, Peaches, Bananas, Orange Sherbet, Vitamin C, Zinc,  and Daily Vitamin & Zinc Boost – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

Cookies ‘n Cream Protein
Milk, Creme filled Chocolate Cookies, Banana, Whey Protein Boost – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

Chocolate Protein
Chocolate Moo’d®, Banana, Milk, and Whey Protein Boost – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

PB & Banana Protein
Milk, Banana, Peanut Butter, Honey, Whey Protein Boost – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

Protein Berry Workout™
Strawberries, Bananas, Soy Milk and Soy or Whey Protein Boost – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

Amazing Greens®
Kale, Peach, Banana, Lemonade, Peach Juice, Pumpkin Seeds – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

Kale-Ribbean Breeze™
Kale, Mango, Passion Fruit, Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Chia Seeds – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

PB Chocolate Love™
Banana, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Moo’d® Milk – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

Pistachio Power™
Almondmilk, Soymilk, Pistachio, Soy protein, Kale, Mango – $6.79/$7.59/$8.09

Creamy Treats 

Orange Dream Machine®
Orange Juice, Soy Milk, Orange Sherbet, Nonfat Frozen Yogurt – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Chocolate Moo’d®
Chocolate Moo’d®, Nonfat Frozen Yogurt – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Peanut Butter Moo’d®
Peanut Butter, Banana, Soy Milk, Chocolate Moo’d®, Nonfat Frozen Yogurt – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Matcha Green Tea Blast®
Matcha Green Tea, Soy Milk, Nonfat Frozen Yogurt – $6.39/$7.19/$7.69

Boosts and Shots

3G Energy™ with Green Caffeine – $.25

Collagen – $.25

Daily Vitamin + Zinc – $.25

Soy Protein – $.25

Whey Protein – $0.25

Chia Seeds – $0.75

Greek Yogurt – $0.75

Kale – $0.75

Pumpkin Seeds – $0.75

Wheatgrass Shot – $4.50

Ginger Cayenne Shot– $2.00

Fresh Squeezed Juice

Purely Orange – $5.49/$6.29

Purely Carrot – $5.49/$6.29

Orange Carrot Twist – $5.49/$6.29

Citrus Kick
Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Ginger  – $6.39/$7.59

Cucumber Orange Cooler
Orange, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon  – $6.39/$7.59

Great Greens
Cucumber, Apple, Super Greens, Lemon, Chia  – $6.39/$7.59

Kale Orange Power
fresh Orange Juice, Kale, Banana  – $6.39/$7.59

Orange Berry Antioxidant
fresh Orange Juice, Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries  – $6.39/$7.59

Orange Supreme
Orange, Carrot, Banana, Apple, Chia  – $6.39/$7.59

Triple Revitalizer
fresh Orange Juice, fresh Carrot Juice and Bananas  – $6.39/$7.59

Tropical Greens™
Apple, Pineapple, Super Greens, Chia  – $6.39/$7.59

Tropical Kick Start
fresh Orange Juice and Mangos  – $6.39/$7.59

Veggie Vitality
Carrot, Apple, Super Greens, Chia  – $6.39/$7.59


Açaí Primo™
Açaí, Soy Milk, Banana, Strawberries, Blueberries, Coconut, Honey, Granola  – $8.49

Chunky Strawberry™ 
Strawberry, Banana, Peanut Butter, Soy Milk, Greek Yogurt, Granola – $8.49

Island Pitaya™
Pineapple, Banana, Pitaya, Strawberries, Mango, Blueberries, Coconut, Honey, Granola, Chia Seeds – $7.99

Mango Medley™
Mango, Peach, Banana, Soymilk, Passion Mango Juice, Granola, Blueberry, Strawberry, Honey, Coconut  – $7.99

Nutty Almond Butter™
Almondmilk, Almond Butter, Banana, Peach, Granola, Strawberry, Blueberry, Almond  – $8.49

Peachy Green Goodness™
Peach Juice, Pumpkin Seed, Kale, Mango, Peach, Granola, Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana, Chia seed  – $7.99

Steel Cut Oatmeal
organic Steel-cut Oats slow-cooked with Soymilk – $4.49

Sandwiches , Flatbreads & Wraps

Roasted Tomato, Spinach and Feta Sandwich
Garden Vegetable Egg White patty, Bistro Bun, Roasted Tomatoes, Neufchatel Cheese, Spinach, Feta Cheese – $4.49

Bacon, Roasted Tomato, and Spinach Sandwich
Garden Vegetable Egg White patty, Bistro Bun, Roasted Tomatoes, Neufchatel Cheese, Spinach, Feta Cheese, Naturally-cured Bacon – $4.49

Turkey Sausage, Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda Sandwich
Garden Vegetable Egg White patty, Bistro Bun, spicy Turkey Sausage, Gouda Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper Spread – $4.49

Turkey Sausage ‘n Cheese Breakfast Wrap
Homestyle Wrap, Scrambled Egg Whites, Cheddar Cheese, Turkey Sausage, American Cheese Spread – $4.49

Spinach ‘n Cheese Breakfast Wrap
Whole Wheat Tortilla, Scrambled Egg Whites, Spinach, Mozzarella Cheese, Asiago spread, Caramelized Onions – $4.49

Four Cheese Flatbread
Ancient Grain Flatbread, New York style Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese blend – $4.49

Sweet ‘n Spicy Chicken Flatbread
Ancient Grain Flatbread, Roasted Chicken strips, Mozzarella Cheese, Red Bell Peppers, Poblano Chiles, Cheddar Cheese, Jamaican Jerk Seasoning – $4.49


Strawberries Gone Bananas™
Strawberry, Banana and Apple

Berry Beet It!
Strawberry, Mango, Banana and Red Veggie Juice (Carrots, Beets, Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Lettuce)

Poppin’ Peach Mango – Peach, Mango and Banana

Blueberry Strawberry Blast-Off – Blueberry, Strawberry and Banana


** Jamba Juice Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

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