Luggage Tag Customization Instructions


Now that you’ve decided to customize a Luggage Tag, what do you do? Following the instructions below you will be able to customize Luggage tags for your trip.

1. Click on the “Front in Word” link below the design you like. A Microsoft Word document will open. You should see a document open with whatever design you chose.

Disney Luggage Tag Instruction Figure 1

2. Click immediately behind “Name:” and the text box will be highlighted (figure 2). Type in your address and phone (figure 3).

Disney Luggage Tag Instruction Figure 2
figure 2

Disney Luggage Tag Instruction Figure 3
figure 3

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 untill all luggage tags are filled in.

4. Choose print to print your completed sheet.

5. Click on the link “Back in Word” to open the Word document for the back side.

Disney Luggage Tag Instruction Figure 4

6. Put the printed sheet back into the printer, making sure the correct side is up. Choose print to print the back side.

7. Cut the tags and either laminate or put in luggage tag pouches.

8. Enjoy and have a Magical Vacation!

** Extra **

1. There is one back page that is customizable, the Disney Wedding back that is titled “Customizable”. To customize the Disney Wedding Tag back, click on that link, and a Microsoft document should open up.

2. Use your mouse and click below “Celebrating Our Special Day” and a text box will open up.

3. Type in your message.

4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 till all tags are filled in.

5. Print and enjoy your tags!

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