Disney Cruise Line Gratuities Updated

Disney Cruise Line Gratuities

Guests sailing on Disney Cruise Line know how much of a first class experience they receive and it’s all thanks to the incredible Crew Members onboard the ships. These Crew Members provide world-class service and create life-long memories for Guests.

In recognition of all that they do, Disney has increased the recommended gratuity guidelines. The recommended increase is $0.25 per person/per day for the Assistant Dining Room Server, Dining Room Server, Dining Room Head Server and Stateroom Host/Hostess. The total recommended gratuity is $14.50 per person/per day based on the length of the cruise.

For those staying Concierge, recommended gratuities have also been increased for the Assistant Stateroom Host/Hostess. This means that the recommended gratuity is $15.50 per person/per day for Concierge Guests. This is based on the length of the cruise. Additionally, Concierge Guests often ask for guidance regarding gratuities for the Concierge Lounge Team. As a suggestion, it is recommend that they receive $8 per Guest/per day for the voyage. Do keep in mind when tipping that it is always up to the Guest to determine what they feel is appropriate.

For those wo pre-paid their gratuities prior to July 2, 2022, they will be protected. And do keep in mind, for exceptional service you can always provide more than the suggested amount!


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