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One of my favorite things about Disney is that you’ve never seemed to explore everything there is to explore. For me, this summer’s yearly 4th of July trip offered a lot of surprises but one of the best was miniature golf. We’ve mini-golfed in Orlando but not the Disney courses and what a treat!

We chose to start with WinterSummerland, near Blizzard Beach. Our biggest challenge the entire trip was getting to go because anytime we would mention the word “golf” it would begin to rain with no end. Finally, we learned to speak in code. “Let’s do that thing we can’t mention” and we were fine. We went early in the evening so it was neither busy nor too hot.

Even without my Magic Your Way coupon that paid for one free round, I couldn’t get over how cheap it was. I call it the best deal at Disney (and that was before I knew I could go back and golf any of the other courses ½ price within 24 hours with my receipt!) We chose to play the Summer course (I’m from Wisconsin-why would I want anything to do with snow in July?) and chose our balls. The course is themed as Santa and his elves summer getaway. The detail is what you expect from Disney and although some really stand out in my mind, I’d ruin the surprise if I told you too much about them. Mickey and the gang do make their presence known as well. It’s simple but fun. If you’re expecting the lavish courses you see on I-4 you’ll be disappointed but this was probably some of the best fun my family had together.

At the 18th hole each of us got a final silly message from Santa. My husband and my dad were excited to add to their golf ball collection with a free Mickey golf ball. When we golfed at Fantasia Fairways a few days later they were even more delighted to find the golf balls we got had Stitch not Mickey on them!(Who needs to take kids to Disney when you have husbands!) Kids of all ages can really enjoy this course and I know on our next trip we’ll have to try the Winter course.

Fantasia Fairways, however, is not for the younger set. It is one of the two courses at Fantasia Gardens and it is like no on the mini-golf course I’ve played. It’s as if they took a real course and just shrunk it down in size. Sand traps and water hazards are involved. It is a challenge. Once my party realized we weren’t going to have the greatest rounds ever we had a fabulous time playing poorly but I think it would be very frustrating for little ones. The holes lack the “fun” stuff that typical mini-golf course have. If you know a golfer (or two), like me, this is the perfect place to take them for a challenge that levels the playing field.

So I have two courses down and two to go. I guess we’d better head back to Orlando again next summer!

By Kristin K.

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