The Muppets: A Review of Episode 10 – Single All the Way

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Season 1, Episode 10: Single All the Way

Originally Aired: Tuesday December 8

Guest stars: Mindy Kaling, Echosmith

This episode begins with the gang preparing for the “Up Late” Christmas special, although Animal ate the tree decorations and Bunsen electrified Beaker’s nose for a reindeer sketch that doesn’t actually exist. Fozzie is also supposed to play Santa, but he is distraught over Becky breaking up with him. Also, Yolanda rigged the Secret Santa drawing so everyone else would pick her, although she later got caught.

Mindy Kaling is the guest star, and the team discovers that she can’t sing at all – during the rehearsal of a song she is supposed to sing. To get around that, they try to get her to switch to a comedy sketch similar to The Bachelor, but she thinks that everyone wants her to sing.

Piggy and Uncle Deadly try to cheer a mopey Fozzie up with presents, but he ends up reminding Piggy about her former relationship with Kermit and how she might not have fought hard enough for him and will be alone this holiday season.

The episode of “Up Late” ends with all the Muppets singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” complete with Piggy holding Kermit. Afterward, they all go to Rowlf’s where Echosmith is randomly performing and Sam finally gets a Christmas kiss from Janice.

This episode wraps up the first “half” of the Muppets inaugural season, with more new episodes in February. As such, if follows a pretty standard sitcom holiday trajectory, but also starts moving some continuing stories toward some kind of resolution. I can’t wait for the return in about 2 months.

Top quotes:

Pepe: “Life is a chess game, and what is the most powerful piece on the board? The prawn.”

Scooter: “I don’t know, something about work life balance, how the show won’t keep her warm at Christmas, and another thing about gouda being her soul mate.”


Sam: “I just had a bad experience with a sprig of mistletoe.”

Rowlf: “Oh, I got into some of that last year and ended up spending Christmas in urgent care. I know dogs aren’t supposed to eat it, but it’s berries and leaves, and just so delicious. You, uh, got any on ya?”


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What did you think was the first half this season of “The Muppets.”

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