More Universal Orlando Resort News – NBC Sports Grill and Brews and Raptor Experience

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More Universal Orlando Resort News – NBC Sports Grill and Brews and Raptor Experience

Wow! At this point, I could probably start a weekly Universal Orlando Resort news update with all the recent news coming out of the resort destination lately!  Today, I bring two new updates for you!

The big one is that for the first time ever, NBC Sports Grill and Brews will be debuting in CityWalk this fall. This will be the ultimate sports bar experience. There will be over 100 HD TVs scattered throughout the restaurant, so you won’t miss a second of the sports action.

In addition, there will be an extensive menu of sports bar favorites such as burgers and steaks, but there will also be some eclectic choices, such as the crab scotch eggs.  In all, there will be more than 75 items to choose from.  Oh and guests will be able to watch as your chef your meal in the open kitchen.

Of course, beverages will play an important role here. (It is known as Grill and Brews.)  There will be over 100 different beer varieties to choose from, as well as a beer garden for relaxing in.

NBC Sports Grill and Brews is just the next restaurant in a long line of recent additions, including Cowfish, Antijitos, Vivo, Breadbox, and more.

In other news, a new guest experience has been added to Islands of Adventure and if you are a fan of Jurassic Park, you’ll want to make sure to check it out!

You see, velociraptors have arrived in this section of the park and guests can come face to face with the creatures in the all-new Raptor Experience. You’ll get to come face to face with the dino, get to take photos with her, and get to more about reptile. Don’t worry though! The raptor is contained; however, I would certainly suggest keeping hands and arms away from the cage!

Seems like these are some exciting new additions to the resort! Which one are you most excited to experience?

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