Rikki’s Mouse Bites 3/4/13



  • Walt Disney World has released new park maps, resort wide with a completely different, updated design.  Features of the new maps include information about Complimentary WiFi being available in the parks, extremely detailed maps with clearer images of the park layout that also lines up with the new My Disney Experience app, descriptions of restaurants and stores, directions on how to get to other parks and resorts, and new at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are icons for animals you can expect to see in the different lands at the park.
  • The most recently announced Limited Time Magic event is the Spring Trolley Show.  The Citizens of Main Street will perform songs dressed in their Spring attire, alongside a horse-drawn carriage.  This will take place from March 3 – 12.
  • New details have been released about what guests can expect with the new My Magic+ in regards to the Magic Bands that will be an integral part of the program.  Bands are expected to be waterproof, as well as ventilated to breathe.  The bands will come in one size only, however, they will have the ability to be adjusted to fit.  It will also have a removable layer that will help with smaller children.  These will be able to be customized by guests because they will be able to include their name on the underside, if they choose to, using the My Disney Experience website or app.  In addition, multiple colors will also be available to choose from, including:  red, black, blue, green, pink, orange and yellow.  For those who don’t choose ahead of time, a gray band will be given to guests at check in.  Guests aren’t required to use the Magic Band, and if they don’t they will be able to use an RFID card, similar to the Key To The World card already given to guests.  These Bands will be included for resort guests and Annual Passholders.  Others will be able to purchase upon arrival.  Specialty Bands will also be available featuring Disney characters, along with special charms, for purchase.

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