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I finally made it through my PhotoPass pictures!  Yes, I know I came back from my trip in mid-November and should have already been done, but there were a couple of extenuating circumstances.

First of all, we had over 300 pictures taken by PhotoPass photographers.  By the time I re-sized everything into multiple sizes (4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and a few 16×20) and added borders on quite a few of them and included the various sizes, I ended up with just under 2,000 pictures.  The first year my family used PhotoPass, I learned about needing to re-size pictures.  Of course, I learned this after the fact when my photo that I blew up to a 16×20 had problems with how the border lined up.  Now, I save multiple sizes of most photos.

Next, when I initially received my PhotoPass CDs, there was a glitch on the CDs.  I called the number on the PhotoPass website and told them what was happening.  They remade the CDs and sent them out right away.  Not a picture was lost, even though the pictures had expired on the website.  They were really great to work with!  New lesson learned:  Check the CDs as soon as they arrive.

I received the fresh CDs over a week ago and have been slowly going through the pictures.  Reliving the magic!  You know what I mean…

I love to take my own pictures, but I also like the convenience of PhotoPass.  It’s nice to be in the pictures, but it’s also nice to see how some pictures are taken from a different perspective.  I know that not all PhotoPass photographers are the same.  Some just take the photo of the kids standing posed with the character.  However, some of the photographers go above-and-beyond by taking pictures of the kids talking with the characters and hugging the characters.  Some of them seem to have a sense of what the character is going to do and when.  Then, the photographer steps in to get that perfect interaction shot.  This seems to vary from trip-to-trip, but I think our trip in November had probably one of the best PhotoPass experiences ever.

We decided to try out the PhotoPass+ option for the trip.  You can find out more information about it and other PhotoPass options here.  It was nice to already have the character meal photos paid for as part of the PhotoPass+ option, and we were able to walk up and have the ride photos added to our PhotoPass+ card, too.

But the best part of PhotoPass+ or the regular PhotoPass card is the great family memories with everyone in the picture!  I want to leave you with some of my favorite interaction photos.  When we met the characters at Pete’s Silly Sideshow, I noticed the light was a little weird.  Everything seemed to have a reddish tinge to it.  My pictures didn’t come out really well, so I was happy to have the PhotoPass pictures from there.  There are a couple in the photos below.

I almost forgot another cool aspect of PhotoPass.  See the picture below that has balloons in it?  I just love the little additions like that:  Tinker Bell in the hand, holding Simba, and fighting Darth Vader to name a few.  What is your favorite PhotoPass special photo?

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