My 5 Rules for Watching a Disney Parade

Written by Jeannette Cona-Larock

My 5 Rules for Watching a Disney Parade

It’s not that often in recent history that I have had a chance to watch a Disney parade without my own children but just recently, the unimaginable happened and I found myself waiting for the Disney Pixar Pals parade all by myself.  It gave me a great opportunity to people watch which I usually love to do.  This time, I really took note of people’s behaviors and not all of them were pretty.  So that night, as I was talking to my family over a delicious dinner at Mama Melrose’s, I came up with five of my own rules for watching a Disney parade.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section after the blog!

1.  Let a child view in front of you.

Seems fairly obvious right?  You’re bigger, they’re smaller.  You’ll be able to see over them, so why not let someone’s child stand in front of you?  I was surprised to see how many adults acting like petulant children because a child kept trying to get in front of them before the parade started.  Disney’s parades always seem to have large floats designed to make you look up anyway, so even people in the back rows can see everything.

2.  Don’t elbow your way into a space that isn’t there.

This might be a purely American thing but we do like our elbow room.  Culturally, I know not everyone feels the same way.  Touring in China, I was surprised to learn that in some areas, even with a billion people, they don’t form lines or queues.  So I get it, but in general, if you are trying to find a spot and it doesn’t look like you’ll fit – you probably won’t.

3.  Don’t begrudge someone their space.

Some people do get there 45 minutes to an hour ahead of time to find a spot to sit or choose a preferred viewing area.  If you show up five minutes before the parade and get mad at them because they won’t move over, that’s your fault.  Let them have it and be gracious about it.  Remember, you’re at a Disney park!

4.  Leave the spot the way you found it.

Yes, if you get up to throw that cup or ice cream wrapper away, someone will most likely take your spot, so stay there but please, pick up your trash when you leave the parade route.  The Disney staff works hard enough keeping the parks nearly immaculate.  Do you have to make more work for them?

5.  Keep it G-rated.  Don’t break up with the father of your child just before the parade starts

This actually happened on our most recent trip just before Spectromagic started.  Everyone was waiting for the parade to start and this couple with a small child sleeping in a stroller came through the area where we were all standing and loud as you please, with four letter words flying everywhere, proceeded to end their relationship as the pre-show to Spectromagic.  Many of the onlookers were concerned that it was about to get physical but they apparently took their argument down Main Street and out of the park before a Cast Member could catch up with them.
Obviously, that situation was more serious than your normal loud and obnoxious family meltdowns but the point is, there are people (and children) all around.  For their sake, please watch your language.

Those are my five parade rules.  Anyone want to add?



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