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This is one of the times that I wish my daughter hadn’t grown up so fast!  {She will be an official teenager later this month.}  The Minnie Bow Maker app by Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications is such a fun interactive iPhone/iPad app that I had a blast playing with it.

As you can see above, this app consists of a story, bow making, and a Big Bow Show.  It is highly interactive and utilizes the same type of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Minnie’s Bowtique format in which Minnie Mouse appears to be talking and asking questions of the audience (the player).

When I started the story, I was asked whom I would like to meet:  Daisy Duck, Millie and Melody, or Cuckoo-Loca.  I chose Daisy and read about how Daisy would like to wear something dazzling for her picnic with Donald.

To help Daisy out, I got to make her a dazzling bow to complete her outfit.  I was able to choose from multiple colors and designs.

After I made a new bow for Daisy, it rotated as it floated, almost as if it were 3D.  Then, I got to see it on Daisy.

When I went into the bow making option on the menu, I was led to the same place that I had made Daisy’s bow.  After I made the bow, I was asked if I wanted to wear it or if it was for Minnie Mouse.  I made this bow for Minnie.

Just for kicks, I decided to make another bow, and put it on this doll.  Your child could take a picture of herself or a doll (or I suppose baby brother or Daddy…) and put her bow on that picture.  There was also an option to email this picture to myself.  Isn’t that just too cool?!

Then, I went into the Big Bow Show section of the app and found that I could choose any of these characters to model the bows.

The bows looked like bows that I had previously made.

Honestly, I really liked the Minnie Bow Maker app , and I feel that it is worth the $3.99 price tag.  If your daughter likes Minnie Mouse and Minnie’s Bowtique, I really think that she will just fall in love with this app.  I didn’t run the probable number of bow combinations, but I do think that any girl would have to play with this for a very long time before exhausting every possible combination.

Disclosure:  I received this app free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I did not have to write a positive review nor admit that I, as a grown woman, enjoyed playing with this app.  There may be affiliate links within this post.



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