And the Chipmunk Shall Lead…

During our last trip to Disneyland, we decided to eat at the Breakfast with Minnie and Friends in the Plaza Inn.  We hadn’t eaten at that character breakfast before because it is a little louder than other character meals with the way the sound bounces around the building.  We felt that it might be too loud for our son to handle; although, I should have remembered that Disney thinks of

almost anything…  I mentioned to the cast member about my concerns, and she told me that they had a quieter place for him to be.  It wasn’t crowded that day, so there was a lot of open seating.  We sat outside where it was definitely quieter on that day.  The characters came out to see us as they crossed from one side of the restaurant to the other.

My son was having so much fun with the characters that he really didn’t want to leave.  When we had gathered our things and were ready to leave, Chip (or was it Dale) took my son by the hand and walked with him to the hub.  He then waved good-bye to both of the kids before heading back to the restaurant.

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