Disney Favorites Through the Alphabet – “U”

Today, I am on “U” and taking that “U”  journey “under the sea”.

As I stated early on in the alphabet, my daughter has changed her favorite princess to Ariel (even though she seems to waver back to Cinderella at times).  So, I decided that a fitting “U” would be “under the sea” and spend a little time showing just how much Ariel shows up at Disney California Adventure Park.  As I went through my pictures, even I was surprised at just how much Ariel there is.  In addition to her parts at Disney California Adventure Park, we have also seen Ariel in the Disneyland park near Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

So, how much Ariel did I find in Disney California Adventure Park?  Well, Ariel, of course, has her own attraction in The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.  She also has her own restaurant, Ariel’s Grotto, where she can often be found at breakfast and lunch.  AND, she has a sizable part in the World of Color.

That must make for one busy princess…

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