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I live in Denver and so I do not have many opportunities to visit the magic of Disney wether in Disneyland or Walt Disney World, but I have found a way to be able to transport myself to the “magic” that Disney provides.  I am talking about the magical sounds that you can hear every time you visit a Disney park.  When preparing for my families first visit to Walt Disney World I began to do research about podcasts that would provide me tips and hints about vacationing in Walt Disney World.  Podcasts are free downloads available through iTunes for your iPod or you have the ability in many cases to listen to the podcasts directly on the podcast website.  When you do a search on Google or even in iTunes for Disney related podcasts quite a long list will appear but don’t worry it is easy to distinguish which part of Disney each podcast will focus on.  There are podcasts for Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Lines and, my personal favorite, sounds you hear in Disney parks.  I will point a few that I find interesting.

One style of podcast that is very helpful are those that discuss current Disney news and possible rumors.  For the Disney enthusiast these podcasts are a dose of what is going on in the Disney universe and they usually keep you up to date on what could be coming in the future.  Inside the Magic and WDW Radio are two of my favorites and they each put out a weekly podcast.  Inside the Magic does a great job of news and notes each and every week, and their host Ricky Brigante lives in the Orlando area and is a frequent visitor and so his information is very accurate.  Inside the Magic just won a podcast award for the best produced podcast and if you listen to it you will understand why is just won that award.  WDW Radio may be one of the most well known podcasts in Disney circles.  The host, Lou Mongello, is one of the most versed podcast hosts that I have ever heard.  WDW Radio just won the award for best Travel podcast for the sixth year in a row.  He starts out every show as well with current Disney news and he seems to have his pulse on things that are rumored to be on the way.   WDW Radio tends to cover all aspects of Disney including the park, food, special events and interviewing many Disney celebrities.  Both of these podcasts are something that I listen to every single week.

Another podcast that I truly love, and one that helps me listen to the “magic” is called Window to the Magic (WTTM).  WTTM is produced by Paul Barrie and he spends his time in Disneyland as he just recently moved to the Anaheim area.  WTTM shares the sounds of the Disneyland every week through ambient recording technology.  When you listen to this show you are transported to the parks as the surround sound experience fills your earbuds.  In each episode you walk in to the main entrance and just listen as they wander Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.  You might ride Pirates of the Carribean in one show and then the next show might be listening to the World of Color.  When I really need my Disney fix I definitely put on this podcast and close my eyes and I can imagine I am there.  There are other podcasts like this and many other podcasts use Disney sounds in their shows as well.

Podcasts are a wonderful way to keep up with what is going on in the Disney community.  You can listen to them anywhere and anytime and that is another great aspect of podcasts.  Many of the podcasts also provide wonderful tips and advice for any Disney traveler and for that reason alone these podcasts are worth checking out.  On our last trip we ate at several places recommended by podcasts as well as looked forward to new things we would experience on our trip.  I am sure there are many other wonderful podcasts and I would love for you to share with ones you listen to.  The more the merrier and the more I listen the more listening to “magic” I receive.

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