Helping us Dream Dreams

I think one thing that hurts adults as they get older is the dreams the we one time had we no longer hold on to.  We believe we have too much “wisdom” and “experience” to continue to hold on to the fairy tales of life.  In the mean time we encourage our kids to dream big and don’t let anything stand in their way.  We as parents might even do all we can to make our kids dreams possible by giving them every opportunity in the world to do the things that they love.  I wonder sometimes then how we as adults give up so quickly or have even stopped dreaming of things that could possibly happen.  I believe that one of the things that Disney helps kids as well as adults do is to get back to the business of dreaming those dreams once again.

All adults love vacations and in most vacations scenarios we envision ourselves sitting on some secluded beach somewhere with our toes in the sand and a cold drink in our hand.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this scene, but the trouble is with this is that this is not necessarily something most of us can make happen.  Disney offers this type of dream to not only adults but also to kids.  From the parks, Vacation clubs and cruise line there are very few vacation dreams that are not possible.  On our last recent trip to Walt Disney World we were able to find a way to make everyone’s dream vacation come true.

My boys wanted to be in the parks and ride all the rides that we could.  We stayed in the Pop Century resort and took full advantage of all the extra magic hours that resort guests enjoy.  In fact we enjoyed the late night extra magic hours most of all, as the crowds became lighter and the temperatures became cooler.  I mean who doesn’t want to ride Splash Mountain four times in a row at midnight?  My wife was able to lay out at the pool and I was even able to give her a day at the spa in The Grand Floridian.  She came back a new and much more refreshed woman.  I was able to indulge my Disney education a little further and loved spending my time seeing places in a whole new way.  We were also able as a family to enjoy things as a group that we had desired as well.  We loved having dessert at California Grill in the Contemporary Resort and watch Wishes from a bird’s eye view.

All in all dreaming dreams is something that Disney takes a great deal of pride in.  It is written all over the parks and in their literature and I am happy to say they fulfill this creed.  I want my boys and my wife to realize that they have the potential to live out any of their dreams.  In school I want my boys to reach for greatness and realize that falling short isn’t the end of the world but striving for that goal was the most important thing.  I want as an adult to realize that dreaming makes life fresh and new each day.  As I train for my half-marathon in January at Walt Disney World I dream with each step. I want to reach a goal that I never thought possible because it is important to me and I want to prove to my kids that dreams can come true.  The gift of dreaming is a wonderful legacy to give the world and thankfully Walt Disney gave us and continues to give us that dream each and every day.

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