Disney Favorites Through the Alphabet – “F”

We are up to “F”, and I want to change things up a little for this post.

Many people remark about how similar the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California are.  I’ve even seen some people write that if you’ve been to Walt Disney World, you won’t need to go to Disneyland.  Of course, this will all change with the new Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom and Cars Land coming to Disney California Adventure Park.  Even before these changes, I always felt that visiting both were important because I feel that there are more differences than similarities.

Disneyland is Walt Disney’s park.  I know that he started the process for Walt Disney World before he passed away, but there are so many things tied directly to him in Disneyland.  My 12 year-old daughter has a deep love of history, and she really enjoys exploring some of the more “off the beaten path” areas with me.

While we were at Disneyland last month, my daughter and I saw a rare opportunity.  The Fire Dept on Main Street was completely empty.  Neither one of us had ever seen it completely empty before!  It’s not that the park wasn’t crowded because it was more crowded than I expected it to be.  For whatever reason, there was not a person in sight, so I took my daughter by the hand and quickly walked over to the Fire Dept.  Every picture that I had ever taken of the firehouse had people in it, so I was not about to lose this opportunity to take clear pictures.  It was nice to be able to take our time and not get jostled as we looked at everything from the horse stall to the fire bell.

As many of you know, Walt Disney had an apartment built over the firehouse.  Somehow, I can see him standing at the window watching people coming in the gates, enjoying the park that he built.  As a tribute to him, there is a light in the window over the firehouse door (see last picture).  That light burns bright day and night.  At Christmas time, I have seen a small Christmas tree take its place.  It is such a warm friendly reminder of the man who made his dreams come true in so many ways.


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