Lion King 3D Review

I thought that I would put my two cents in on the re-release of The Lion King 3D.  I always have mixed feelings on going to watch a movie in the theaters that I have already seen but with the addition of the 3D aspect I knew it would be worth it.  I took my two sons with me who were not even a gleam in my eye when the Lion King was originally released.  I also would rank The Lion King near the top of the Disney movies that I enjoy the most, so going to see a movie that you love is never a bad thing.  I also typically enjoy the 3D aspect of movies and wondered how Disney would integrate this effect into a movie that was not made for this effect originally.  So lets get into my humble review.

I love movies in a movie theater and I know that prices have continued to rise so that has caused most of us to begin to pick and choose which movies are worth plunking down the money.  The sound for The Lion King was great and Disney did a great job integrating surround sound effects throughout the movie.  Unless you have a high end entertainment system this would really not be possible in your home.  The 3D effects in the movie were subtle many times and not over the top but definently added a new and exciting aspect to a well loved movie.  The depth of the picture that 3D adds would be good enough in most cases but utilizing the 3D effects where possible made the movie particualry enjoyable.  I would say that Disney did a solid job in the 3D aspects of the film and did a great job honoring the original movie and did not adjust it in ways that would take away from its original charm.

Even though my sons and I have seen The Lion King multiple times we really loved being able to see this movie again.  The movie theater had a great atmosphere with cheers and applause several times throughout the movie.  You could tell that The Lion King is just as popular as it was back then and that people were more than willing to spend the money and time to see a movie that most had seen many times before.  If you were on the fence on wether or not you are going to go see The Lion King 3D I would encourage you to give a shot and go see it.  You leave this movie just as moved and uplifted as you did the first time through and I know that it was a great way to spend an evening with my family and this is in the end the driving force behind most of the things Disney does to begin with.

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