Dining at Disney’s Toy Story Pizza Planet (by Brandon, age 13)

Looking for a fun, fast meal in Hollywood Studios?  Toy Story Pizza Planet, one of my favorite counter service restaurants in Disney World, is found in the Streets of America section across from Muppet Vision 3D.

My Dad, brothers, and I eating at Pizza Planet several years ago

As the name implies, the menu consists of pizzas with toppings including cheese, pepperonis, and vegetables (mushrooms, onions, peppers, and tomatoes).  Young customers may order a child’s cheese pizza.  Soup, salad, or potato chips may be purchased as a side.  As a dessert, sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies may be purchased by guests.  In the past, customers could also buy Mickey Mouse shaped Rice Krispy Treats. (You may have heard of these in my Best Snacks of Disney World blog).  However, when I looked at the online menu, these delicious indulgences were not available.  Hopefully this exclusion is just an error, because this counter service dessert is my family’s all-time favorite.

Guests who have purchased the Disney Dining Plan receive their own pizzas, which come with salad and dessert.  When my brothers and I were younger, our family would divide three pizzas and save our meals to use as a snack to share with one another when we were hungry.  Now, however, we each order our own pizza even though it is still more than enough food.

In the first Toy Story movie, Pizza Planet is a restaurant visited by Andy and his toys.  Throughout Hollywood Studios’ Pizza Planet, an unmistakable Toy Story theme is displayed.  Outside, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Mr. Potato Head sit on top of the brick structure.  Inside, the three-eyed aliens from the movies hang from the ceiling everywhere.  On a yellow rocket ship, Woody, Buzz, Ham, Slinky, and more Toy Story characters stand guard above the checkout counter.

Within Pizza Planet lies an arcade.  Exciting, yet simple, these games can be played by people of all ages.  Some of the more challenging are better for video game fans like my dad, while others thrill teenagers such as me.  However, some people, like my mom for example, do not care for video games and will not enjoy this aspect of the restaurant.

Being a Star Wars fan, my favorite game at the arcade is the Podrace, challenging for adults though possible for young children with a parent sitting behind them.  Boys may like this game more than girls.

Within the arcade stands a pressed penny machine.  Here you can buy up to three different Toy Story penny patterns.  Over the past three years, my brothers and I have each purchased from this machine to add to our collections.

Excellent for families with children and Toy Story fanatics, young kids will undoubtedly not want to leave this place.  However, older people or adults not familiar with the Toy Story movies will not identify with or completely enjoy this themed restaurant.

Though some may disagree, I think the pizza is delicious, especially for an inexpensive dinner.  One of the best quick-service meals in all of Walt Disney World, Toy Story Pizza Planet will always remain one my favorites!  I am looking forward to eating there again on my next trip and hope that our family will always visit this extraordinary restaurant on our Disney vacations.


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