MFL Magical Memories, Part 5

As part of TheMouseForLess Yahoo Group’s 12th birthday celebration, members are sharing some of their magical memories of MFL and Disney parks from over the years.  We’ll be posting a few each day.  Here’s what they had to say:

Submitted by Mitzi Hendrich

After a fun but long, hot day in September of 2005, the standby wait time for the new Soarin’ attraction in Epcot said 40 minutes. Our family of 5 was just so ready to go back to the hotel, but we thought… “’ya know, the line doesn’t look that long…”

The queue area for the Soarin’ attraction is lengthy so you can’t really tell how long the wait is. We walked in and when we finally did catch up with the people, it just didn’t seem to be a 40 minute wait. We’d been to that point before in standby and just assumed their prediction was off.  It was!  We weren’t in line more than 20 minutes before we were in our seats, smelling the oranges!

Now, here is the amazing, wonderful part that really gave our vacation an extra smile. Our group was the last to ride since we entered the que at about 1 minute ’til 9:00 and then they closed the line. With my 5 year old triplets’ seatbelts, our big backpacks, etc. it took us a while to depart from our seats. We were the last to leave after the ride was over. As we were exiting our row, the CM’s began ushering in some special-needs teenagers and about 5 other people.

The CM’s were so engaging with my children and began chatting with them about their birthday buttons. I explained that they were triplets, and we were celebrating their 5th birthday with Mickey at Walt Disney World.

I learned on MFL that you should take every opportunity to point out that you are celebrating a birthday, etc. so the CMs can make the day extra special for the birthday boy or girl. He asked what their favorite ride was and they all chimed “SOARIN’!” and we said our goodbyes. I then said out loud (but to myself), “oh… it looks like they’re going to go again…” The CM heard me and said “do you guys want to ride again?” We all say YES!!!! and we all pile in the front row (the best spot!) along with the other special guests in the “theater” and away we go on a semi-private ride on Soarin’! It was amazing!

There were no more than a dozen people in there, all riding in the front row… it was just incredible. If you’ve not ridden it yet, you probably don’t understand why I thought it was such an incredible experience. Mobs and mobs of people cram into the Land to ride Soarin’ and we were able to basically have a semi-private experience. WOW!

It was just about the most magical of our experiences while @ the World. The CM told us it was the triplets’ birthday present from him. It was a perfect way to end our day.

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