MFL Magical Memories, Part 4

As part of TheMouseForLess Yahoo Group’s 12th birthday celebration, members are sharing some of their magical memories of MFL and Disney parks from over the years.  We’ll be posting a few each day.  Here’s what they had to say:

Michele Wilson: My MFL memory to share is the first time I discovered the MFL blog. Finally I had found people who “got” why I like Disney so much. On the blog, whether I was commenting or lurking (I have a tendency to do that) I didn’t have to answer the never-ending statements of “why do you go to Disney so much, you do realize there is more to see and do in the world?” Here I can listen to others give thoughts on the things to do or avoid, get tips on where to eat, and share magical memories. I share, too. Sometimes it is to the group, other times it is with my friends or other Disney converts. They always wonder how I know so much. I tell them it’s my friends at MFL.

Marie Lemmon: In 1991 we went to Disney for Easter.  While we were in Tomorrowland the characters came out.  My daughter Felicia went up to Mickey Mouse to get his autograph and picture (she was 4 at the time) and a girl about 12 came over and pushed her away (no parents around of course).  Felicia stood in the middle of Tomorrowland crying her eyes out.  Pluto saw what happened and came over to Felicia and got down to her size to comfort her,  he let her put her head on his nose and he rubbed her back.  When the older girl came over to get his autograph he had the CM walking with him tell her Felicia was his last for that time (actually she was the first he had just come out).  Felicia was so happy with Pluto the rest of our two week trip she spent reminding every Pluto she saw how how he made her feel better when that “mean girl pushed her”.  Disney magic can be the most amazing thing!!!!

Kimberly Sloane: Thanks to the MFL,my daughter received a post card from Mickey during a long time between trips. She was so so excited. She couldn’t believe that Mickey remembered her and missed her. This magic that the members are willing to share with other readers is what makes me keep coming back to MFL every day to stay up to date with everyone’s plans.

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