MFL Magical Memories, Part 2

As part of TheMouseForLess Yahoo Group’s 12th birthday celebration, members are sharing some of their magical memories of MFL and Disney parks from over the years.  We’ll be posting a few each day.  Here’s what they had to say:

Submitted by Tia Callas

Magical Memories – Oh how does one choose! Was it the DL CM’s who walked the length of DTD to a closed World of Disney store just to get Terra a new purple puffle after hers got lost on her birthday last year? Was it the time Chip sat and held and snuggled my then baby girl for what seemed like forever? Was it the time Peter Pan and Wendy pulled Terra and some other kids in the area into a game of Duck Duck Goose? Was it the time Peter Pan offered to go find the kid that took Terra’s stick pony in the Woody’s RoundUp Show? Was it the CM who gave Terra’s teddy bear a “First Visit” certificate good for an ice cream bar for each of us? Was it her “first haircut” at the Main Street Barber Shop?
Though all our Disney visits have been magical in their own way, with lots of extra pixie dust finding itself our way time and time again, one trip does stand out with it’s extra dose – much of which had the helping hand of The Mouse For Less and the wonderful tips and hints that flow through the group everyday. These memories are made even more magical since they are all things not necessarily available anymore – at least not in the same location or situation.

Magical Moment #1: Private Home Tour – courtesy of the tip to get to Toontown at its rope drop.
After hitting Fantasyland at the park’s rope drop, we took a stroll down the back path to Toontown to await rope drop near the Toontown train station. As were waiting, Terra was alternately looking longingly at the play area next to us and innocently swinging the rope being as patient as an almost 4yo can be. As 10:00 approached, she got excited as she could see Mickey, Goofy and some Princesses exiting some of the buildings ahead and waving. After I parked the stroller over to the side so we could just walk around the area unencumbered, I looked up to see Mickey hugging waving Terra past the rope and a CM asking us to come one ahead. Mickey took Terra’s hand and started leading her towards his house. Hand in hand, they toured the house with Mickey showing her all the fun things. After the house, they continued walking together through his garden and into the Judge’s Tent. Once we got there, we were escorted into one of the meet and greet rooms. There Terra and Mickey played together for several minutes before finally posing for a few photographs. After a few last hugs and kisses, we were off to finish our day with an ecstatic 4yo dying to call her daddy and tell him all about her special visit to Mickey’s house.

Magical Moment #2: A Princesses First Kiss – courtesy of the tip that the Princes can usually be found in Toontown during MVMCP.

One of our favorite parts of a Disney trip has always been meeting characters. We especially like to meet new-to-us characters. With that in mind Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party had us ready to meet some new people, but especially the Princes. We hit Toontown right after the party started and were in the princess room with just a short wait. Terra was so excited to have new people to add to her book. She also loves to talk and so face characters meant new people to talk to and tell all about her life story. Our first stop was Princess Aurora and Prince Philip. Prince Phillip is probably Terra’s favorite of the princes if for no other reason than he shares a name with her dad. The three of them talked and chatted for several minutes. As the line for the next princess opened up, they wound down their conversation and said their good byes. After a last hug for each, Prince Phillip leaned down and gave Terra the sweetest kiss on the cheek. I think my not-quite-4yo actually blushed and I know she developed her first crush – enough to make this mama tear up a little, for sure.

Magical Moment #3: Meeting a Longtime Favorite – courtesy of the tip that, for short time at least, Figment was doing meet and greets.

Ah, Figment. One of my personal favorites. I’ve loved him since I was a kid on my first Disney trip. I’ll admit fully to setting out to making my own daughter (now daughters) a Disney fan. I wanted her to love Mickey, the parks, the movies, the whole package. I never really gave much thought to specifically introducing Figment to her, but I apparently didn’t have to. From the time she was 2yo, Terra was a fan all on her own. In fact, her Figment doll was supposed to come on this trip with us, but Mommy accidentally left him laying on the couch when we left. Oh the drama that ensued when I was found out. (As it turned out, Daddy, in a hope to assuage his guilt for not travelling with us, took Figment straight to the post office and he arrived a few days later.) For this particular trip, I had heard several stories of people having seen Figment at a meet and greet near the Imagination pavilion. Oh, I was so excited. Um, for Terra, yeah for her, that’s it. 😉 Each day when we were at Epcot, I checked this location and at last, we found him! Even better, it was on the day she was wearing the Figment shirt we’d made and had her Figment in hand – baby Figment was meeting his daddy she said! Oh she was so excited. I think Figment was just as excited to see himself so well-represented in her attire and accessories. They had a ball, the two of them. Playing and tickling, kissing and hugging. It was a moment I’ll always remember.

The most amazing thing, to me, is that I could tell any number of these stories! I’ve got magical memories dating back to her first day at DL at four months, almost every day visit to DL while we lived there, and every day of every trip we’ve taken to both coasts over the years. The moments are so magical that even at 8yo now, Terra remembers so many of these stories. Not only that, she talks about all of the ways Disney will reveal it’s magical self to her new baby sister Deva when we take her for her first trip in November at just the same age Terra was on her first visit to the World. And people wonder why we love Disney so much!

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