Carnival Valor – Day Two, March 28, 2011 “Fun Day At Sea”

Woke up around 8am to the sound of chairs overhead.  When I booked this stateroom it was open deck.  The Valor went to drydock in early February and the adults only Serenity Deck was added—directly overhead.  Not really a problem because at 8am it was time to be up and about anyways, and it really wasn’t loud.

Got everyone together and we headed to the Washington dining room for breakfast.    DS ordered Eggs Benedict—and thought he could eat it like an Egg McMuffin.  Uh… no.  Knife and fork dear boy!  I ordered the a fruit plate with a baked apple.  The fruit was orange and grapefruit segments, and the baked apple was delicious with just the right amount of cinnamon.  I would happily have this again, and hope to see it on the b’fast menu in the future.  Also ordered the Belgium waffles with blueberries.  The waffles were standard waffles, nothing special.  Blueberries were served in a small cup, and no sugar. A good breakfast. 

After b’fast we went back to the stateroom and I worked for a bit, and the family just sort of hung out.  DH and I went to the Food and Wine Pairing in Scarlett’s Steakhouse at 12:30pm, and at $15 per person it was well worth it.  There are two sommeliers on this ship, both in the steakhouse.  Tomas did our presentation, and wines were:

Vouvray Chenin Blanc, France (2008)

Sauvignon Blanc, Brancot, New Zealand (2009)

Chardonnay, Wente, Morning Fog, California (2008)

Chianti Clasico Riserva, Sastelo D’Arbola, Italy (2005)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Sebastiani,, Sonoma (2006)

They also gave us a beautiful plate with foods to pair with the wine including green apple, lemon and lime wedge, strawberry and orange marmalade, brie and cracker, salmon, and steak.  As the Sommelier went thorugh the wines he has us taste the foods that paired well, and those that did not pair so well.  The wines were really quite good, and I could drink any of them, any time, any place.  J  After the wine and food class we decided it was time for lunch and headed to the buffet.  I had a Reuben sandwich—again, quite tasty—and headed upstairs for the Fish & Chips station to get some fresh fries and I got some braised Ahi Tuna on watermelon…. Yum.  (Thanks to my friend Caroline for teaching me about how to spot “good” sushi!)  . Headed back to the stateroom, to find DD watching TV, and DS reading on the balcony. 

DD and I went out to Deck 12 for some sun (with sunscreen, of course).  Was  a very nice day and I finished a couple of magazines.  Broke down and bought some diet Coke—been a couple of days since I had one.  (Going to see if I can find a grocery store in Cayman to get some.)  We were on the Port side of the ship—which per Carnival is non-smoking.  A lady lit up a cigarette and within a couple of minutes there was a crew person telling her she was on the wrong side of the ship.  Of course she ignored him, but didn’t finish the cigarette either.  Props to Carnival for enforcing their own policy—and boo to the guest who was rude to him.  Its pretty simple:  if you want to light up you have to change sides of the ship.  She didn’t light up another though. 

After about two hours on deck it was time to go in and get ready for “elegant night.”  Carnival seems to have thrown in the towel about dress code, and has a cruise casual attire for most places, with two “elegant nights”.  They permit jeans AND longer dress shorts in the dining room, which sort of makes me happy as a somewhat frequent cruiser who gets tired of hauling stuff around and doing laundry on cruise ships.  (I think airline luggage fees may have contributed to this change—so its now similar to NCL.)  We did get dressed up, as did everyone else.  No slobs noted in the dining room for our seating, and there were many people with very formal attire who looked great. 

After dinner we went to the Family Comedy Show with Jimmy Carroll, and he was pretty good.  Then the production show was at 8:30pm, and it was a tribute to the 1980’s complete with all of the dances.  They highlighted Flashdance, Madonna, Michael Jackson, breakdancing (and those guys were absolutely amazing), and finished with a condensed version of the last scene in Dirty Dancing.  A really great show with talented performers—probably among the best singers I’ve seen on a cruise ship.  The female lead lost her microphone in the beginning of the show and had to go to a handheld, and there was hardly a bobble.  This troupe has only been together for about three weeks per our breakfast companion, whose son does the lighting for the Valor. 

After the show it was time to head to the stateroom where I got laundry together and threw in a load, checked email, and then finally went to bed.

Tuesday is Grand Cayman, and on the agenda is a resort day at the Westin Casuarina to hang out at the beach and get reasonably priced internet.

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