Disney Dream Part 28 – Remy Decor and Food

Disney Cruise Line – Disney Dream Remy Decor and Food

Barb Nefer, writer for the Examiner travel section, recently had the pleasure of dining at Remy, the intimate Adult Exclusive restaurant on the Disney Dream.  Remy is designed exclusively for adult Guests 18 years of age and over, where adults can enjoy the magic of a more romantic and elegant dining experience during their vacation, and carries a price tag of $75.00 per person extra charge.  Don’t let the price deter you though.  This restaurant is on par with Victoria and Alberts at Walt Disney World, and as you can read in Barb’s article – “Disney Dream pleases palates with fine dining at Remy-Gourmet meal is $75 add-on” the experience is more than worth the extra cost for the meal.

Remy logo

Remy table setting

The meal starts off with a signature champagne drink, the Colette The Colette

 Taittinger, the special champagne created for the Disney Dream Special champagne for the Disney Dream

 Preparing the house specialty Colette drink Preparing the house specialty Colette drink

 Ratatouille with olive oil ice cream Ratatouille with olive oil ice cream

 Lobster 2 Way Lobster 2 Way

 Lobster 2 Way Lobster 2 Way

Lobster bisque

 BisonLobster bisque Bison

Remy Bread Service Bread selection



Tomatoes (gazpacho) Tomatoes (gazpacho)

Essence of tomato Essence of tomato

Turbot Turbot

Gnocchi Gnocchi

Wagyu beef Wagyu beef

Sea bass Sea bass

Pigeon in pastry Pigeon in pastry

Cheese cart Cheese cart

Cheese selection Cheese selection

Poached pear Poached pear

Chocolate with gold Chocolate with gold

Chocolate with Remy on it Chocolate with Remy on it

Close-up of Remy chocolate

More chocolateClose-up of Remy chocolate More chocolate

Special desserts Special desserts

Barb was presented with a rose at dinner Presented with a rose

Accompaniments for coffee Accompaniments for coffee

Special thanks to Barb Nefer for the beautiful and delicious pictures of dishes from Remy.  Be sure to read Barb’s review of Remy at:  http://www.examiner.com/disney-cruise-line-in-national/disney-dream-pleases-palates-with-fine-dining-at-remy-gourmet-meal-is-75-add-on

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