Let the Memories Begin Surprise – Part III

Written by Jeannette Cona-Larock

Well, reality has set in and it’s hard to believe that we are back.  There was so much pixie dust sprinkled on us during out trip that it would be impossible to put it all down on paper.  But I digress.  You probably are reading this because you wanted to find out how the final surprise went.

I was a mess the entire day before the flight as we were packing.  We got done in record time and actually got to spend the evening hanging out with Dad and each other which rarely happens before a Disney trip.  I’m usually so nervous about forgetting something that I’m up late and then exhausted before we even leave!  We woke up early and headed for the airport.  When we arrived, I remembered why we had never flown during the Christmas holidays.  The place was mobbed!  It didn’t help that we had gotten a snow storm two days before because the delayed and cancelled flights just made it worse.  I really didn’t think we’d get through the check-in process in time to meet our flight but once through the line, we found that the security line was minimal and we went right through.  The flight was a piece of cake and as always Magical Express was there waiting for us.  Now I just had about 2 ½ hours more to keep things a secret.  We checked into our room and I realized that I didn’t remember which seating for the Hoop-de-doo Review we were supposed to go to which meant that I didn’t know what time we were supposed to be out in front of the Magic Kingdom to meet our surprise guest.  Okay, Jeannette, think!  I tried calling my friend on her cell phone but go no answer.  Now what?  I called 407-WDW-DINE and got a wonderful woman on the phone.  When I explained the situation, she went along willingly and looked up what I needed to know.  Okay, now to see if I could find out what time to meet our friends without the girls finding out about it.  After two or three more missed calls, I finally got her on the phone and we agreed that 3:30pm in front of the dock would be “go” time.  I had to make the call from outside our room building at Port Orleans Riverside on the pretext that I couldn’t get a cell phone signal in order to make the call but all was working so far.  I couldn’t blow it now!

At 3pm, we took a bus to the Magic Kingdom.  My older daughter wasn’t thrilled about having to go to the Hoop-de-doo Review because she feared getting a spot light put on her for something and was a bit of a grump.  There was nothing to do now but go along and try to convince her that it would all work out.  We got off of the bus and started walking toward the dock.  Somehow, I managed to drop back so that the girls were in front of me when they heard their names called out.  Then I heard, “Oh my gosh” and my previously grumpy daughter started running while the younger one laughed and smiled.  They hugged and started chatting instantly as both moms just stood there and smiled.  From there on out, the trip was one magical memory after another from hearing the girls chatter on and on about their lives back home to all of us buying Mickey Ears to wear together in the parks.  We watched the practice fireworks for the New Year at the Magic Kingdom and ate our way around EPCOT’s World Showcase, literally!  We took photos, went shopping and some even tried rides they had never been on before.  On our last night, we celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday at Boma.  In every way, this was a magical trip and I think it’s safe to say that the girls will all be friends for a long time.  At least they’ve planned their next few trips to visit one another between the United States and Australia.  I think I’d better start saving now!

The hardest part?  Saying goodbye…..until next time.

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