Disney Dream Part 9 – The Pools

Disney Cruise Line – Disney Dream Pools – Donald’s, Mickey’s, Nemo’s Reef and Quiet Cove

Cruising and swimming/lounging goes hand in hand, so Disney made sure there’s plenty of it on the Disney Dream.  There are four public water play areas on the Disney Dream, Donald’s Pool, Mickey’s Pool, Nemo’s Reef and Quiet Cove.  There is even a jumbo screen on deck so that you can lounge in the pool and be entertained at the same time.

Disney Dream pool and jumbo screen

Unlike many other cruise lines, Disney’s three public pools are filled with fresh water instead of the ocean salt water.  This makes for a much more refreshing swim without the sting of salt in the eyes.  Donald’s pool is the family pool located on deck 11.  This pool has a depth of 5 feet.

There’s plenty of lounging opportunities around the pool

Mickey’s Pool, also on Deck 11, is a children’s pool and has a depth of 2 feet.  The pools on the Disney Dream are heated when the temperature falls below 75F.

Disney Dream Mickey Pool

Situated beside the chidren’s pool is the Mickey Slide.  This slide is Suspended by a gigantic Mickey Mouse hand, the yellow slide at Mickey’s Pool twists and turns, beginning one deck above the pool and splashing down right next to it—all the while allowing children an exciting and safe ride. A minimum height of 38 inches (3′ 2″) and a maximum height of 64 inches (5′ 4″) are required to use the slide.  Children must be between the ages of 4 and 14.

Disney Dream Mickey Slide

Disney Dream Mickey Slide

Nemo’s Reef on the Disney Dream is a splash zone designed especially for the young ones and the young at heart.  This is an interactive wet play area where children can splash around, cool off and make new friends. Based on Finding Nemo, this 1,500-square-foot venue features character figures from the hit film that move and spray water in a variety of unique ways. In addition to Nemo, Dory and Marlin, this splashy spot includes a mini-sized water slide shaped like Mr. Ray, a water curtain that moves back and forth mimicking the East Australian Current, and Pearl the octopus who “inks” herself with a mist of water.

Disney Dream Nemo's Reef

Disney Dream Nemo's Reef

Disney Dream Nemo's Reef

There are plenty showers on deck 11 for guests to rinse off prior to getting in to the pool.

Disney Dream pool shower

The Quiet Cove area is designed for adults 18 and over.  This is where the grown up can go to relax without the sounds of the young ones playing.   Quiet Cove Pool offers varying depths, including a 4-foot deep plunge pool and a 6-inch deep sunbathing pool with built-in loungers and a mister.

Disney Dream Quiet Cove Pool

When you lounge in the Quiet Cove Pool, you don’t have to go far for refreshments.  There is a pool bar for your enjoyment.Disney Dream Quiet Cove Pool Bar

The Quiet Cove hot tubs looks over the side of the ship so that you can watch the waves while you relax in the warmth of the hot tub.Disney Dream Quiet Cove Hot Tubs

More pictures of the Disney Dream will be brought to you each day.  Tomorrow is all about the FOOD!!!.

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