Day 3- LOWD Oh Ten (part 1)

Our day of eating and drinking the day before at the Food and Wine Festival has caught up with us.  All the Ladies, including myself, are exhausted!  What a wonderful time we had making memories. The weather was perfect and the food and drink was of course delish!

Our third day in Disney was beginning.  We all slowly made our way downstairs to the huge dining room of our 3 bedroom villa.  Coffee is being made and breakfast is being prepared.  Scrambled eggs, bacon and monkey bread, all of our favorites!  Jen makes monkey bread at least once a trip.  We all love it.

After we all get some caffeine and sustenance the Ladies went scurrying back to their beds.  Today the Ladies of LOWD have the day off!  We have nothing to do all day; no parks, no work, nothing.  The World of Disney is our oyster just waiting to be explored.  Some of the Ladies decided to get dressed and head over to the Boardwalk Resort.  They’d like to investigate the resort and maybe have some lunch.  The Boardwalk Resort is beautiful with lots of things to see and do.  I highly recommended they go and enjoy themselves. I will be staying back at the resort napping and taking full advantage of my free time. No chores, no meals to prepare, no laundry or children.  Mommy has some down time and I was going to live it up!

The 3 Ladies who went to the Boardwalk are Melissa, Jen and Karie and 4 Ladies who stayed behind for nap time were Allison, Teri, Margaret and Laura.  There are 3 bedrooms and 5 bed to choose from. So there is quite a comfortable variety of places to nap.  We all burrow down into the toasty sheets and  sack out.  No counting sheep in this group.  We are all out within seconds dreaming of Mickey Mouse and princesses.

The bus ride to the Boardwalk from what I hear was a bit of an adventure.  The bus driver forgot where he was taking his guests and wound up taking over an hour to get them to the correct place.  Well, wasn’t it nice of him to give the the LOWD Ladies an impromptu tour of Disney grounds.  Just making more hilarious memories.  The 3 adventurous Ladies finally arrived at the Boardwalk and made their way into the gorgeous lobby, ‘ohhhh-ing and aahhhh-ing’ the whole time.  The elegance of the resort  completely enveloped the Ladies.  Making their way out to the actual boardwalk they looked around the Screen Door General Store.  After walking the entire length of the boardwalk, checking out the Keister Coaster pool the Ladies decide to have lunch at the Big River Grille.  Being the eating and drinking type of gals this seemed the place for them.  I asked Jen to give me a quick review, I will quote her directly ” The food was typical, over priced and mediocre.  The portions were on the larger side though.  The ambiance was loud-ish but energetic.  Service was friendly and efficient.  I would go back and next time I would sample the micro-brews and specialty cocktails.”

The Ladies make it back to the room in one piece.  The lounging Ladies all woke up and we reunited in the dining room to recap our day.  We have 7:40pm dining reservations at the California Grill tonight.  We have to start getting ready.  Maybe we should have a pre-dinner cocktail?  Any takers?  Stay tuned for part 2!

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