Using your own camera for on-ride photo memories at the Disney Parks

Everyone loves seeing on-ride photos of themselves while enjoying the attractions at Disney Parks.  Have you ever thought of capturing the on-ride experience with your own camera?  With a bit of creativity, you may find some of your most memorable moments forever captured on your own digital camera when you decide to keep it out during your ride experience.

The Magic For Less Travel Agents Steve Baker and Ric Flack have the privilege of getting to travel often to Disney park destinations and have captured ride experiences as thrilling as being upside down on California Screamin’, plummeting backward on Expedition Everest, speeding along the Matterhorn, racing through Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and experiencing the jarring curves of Mulholland Madness and Primeval Whirl.

Cast Members are often willing to take your photo on attractions such as on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and it’s very easy to take photos on some of the milder attractions such as Dumbo or after the big splashdown on Splash Mountain (make sure your camera is waterproof).

Have fun and be creative – but be safe by ensuring your camera is always properly secured on all attractions, especially the more thrilling ones.

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