LOWD Oh Ten and the Final Meeting

The Ladies of LOWD are 30 days out from their annual November WDW trip.  The weeks are counting down slowly but the Ladies are prepared.  To make sure all members were on the same page, LOWD had a mini-meet at Teri’s house, one of the LOWD co-founders.

There are two women who could not make the mini-meet because of the distance but we had them on speaker phone.

After cocktails were made and the buffet laid out, the meeting started.

Our ambassador Jen had written some very important rules about being members of LOWD.  Seeing we had some new members, we wanted to make sure everyone knew what was expected of them, as a LOWD Lady.  This is what was written;

LOWD Mission Statement

Ladies Only Weekend in Disney is an ensemble of women which seeks for every participant bonds of friendship, absence of everyday pressures, opportunities for merriment and relaxation, respect for all Disney magic, and an understanding of and allegiance to good food and fine spirits.


We, believing a closer union in the bonds of friendship to be our mutual benefit, appreciating the advantages to be derived from an exclusive circle, and feeling that in union there is strength, hereby form ourselves into an association for our entertainment without the bonds of daily stress, in the attainment of individual and social frivolity at the Annual Food and Wife Festival.

First Principle

SISTERHOOD:  Each and every one of us is a member of a select group of women who seek to escape the daily grind for just a few days each year to enjoy great food and fine spirits at the Annual Food and Wine Festival.

Second Principle

ENTERTAINMENT:  We all lead very full, very busy lives that are shared with our families and co-workers.  For the brief time we are together, we are absolutely to let loose and enjoy ourselves and each other to the fullest extent possible.  This means leaving the spouse, children, housework, work stress, bills, daily troubles, and impending doom at the door step.  Under no circumstances are we to discuss, or especially brood over, our toils and tribulations!

Third Principle

SPARKLE:  In our extremely busy lives, we often struggle to find the time to be our most glamorous selves.  We therefore pledge to attempt to attain a higher level of glamor through particular to beauty and fashion for the betterment of our sisters and ourselves, during planning meetings, mini-meets and our trip to the Annual Food and Wine Festival.

Fourth Principle

RELAXATION:  As we endeavor to take full advantage of our time away from our troubles, it is vital to also seek a level of relaxation that will allow us to return to our lives rejuvenated and rested.  To that end, we commit to pursuing a respite from the hustle-and-bustle in the form of taking a laissez-faire attitude and general laid-back strategy when dealing with that which will not kill us.

Fifth Principle

RESPECT:  It is essential that, in furtherance of our objectives, each of us hold each other in the highest regard.  Consideration will be given for each other’s feelings, desires, quirks and preferences in making decisions as a group.

Sixth Principle

NO REGRET:  Each if us knows the meaning of priority.  Sometimes, we inadvertently find ourselves at the bottom of, or not even on, the List of Important Things.  Accordingly, under no circumstances will we allow the feelings of guilt, lament, sorrow or remorse to be experienced by any one of us in connection with, or resulting from, any gathering heretofore or hereinafter.

Once the meeting was finished we made more cocktails, did some more nibbling from the buffet and headed out to the swimming pool.   The Ladies are ready.  Now all we need to do is wait for November 4th!

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