Food and Wine Festival-2010

One of the events I most look forward to at Walt Disney World is the Food & Wine Festival.  This year celebrates the 15th year of this festival.  During this time, which is about 6 weeks, the countries around Epcot have booths set up with appetizer sizes highlighting some foods from their country as well as a wine or alcoholic drink.  The food ranges from about $1.50-$4.75 with the drinks around $7-$8.  You can rack up quite a bill if you sample everything from each booth, which is why you need to go a few days so it doesn’t seem so noticeable!  Below are a few of the tasty bits available to whet your appetite. Below you’ll see such goodies as a Belguim waffle with berry compote and whipped cream, escargot, sausage in a pretzel roll, baked cheese ravioli and a triple dessert sample of strawberry angel verrine, pear streusel pudding cake and dark chocolate sensation.  Go check it out for yourself!

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